Changing phone number settings in Zoom

The admin can change the settings for the phone number after it has been acquired, such as the display name of the number and whether the number is able to receive incoming calls.

Prerequisites for changing phone number settings

  • There are three types of accounts: Pro, Business, and Education
  • Ownership or administrative privileges of an account
  • A license for Zoom Phones is required


  1. To access the Zoom web portal, you will need to sign in.
  2. Click on Phone System Management from the navigation menu and then select Phone Numbers from the list.
  3. On the left side, you will find the tabs Assigned or Unassigned.
  4. If you want to edit a number, click on the number you wish to edit.
  5. The following settings can be changed by you:
  • Display Name: The internal display name for the phone can be customized by clicking Set Display Name or Edit if you’d like to make changes. Whenever you change the outbound caller ID on your phone, you can make use of the display name to help the users identify the number.
  • Note : As far as the outbound caller ID is concerned, the display name has no effect on how it appears to the recipient.
  • Capability: In order to enable incoming or outgoing calls for a certain number, click the check boxes next to the numbers. The desktop client and web portal will now label numbers as either Outgoing or Incoming once you have changed this setting.
    • If only Outgoing is checked: It is only possible to make calls using the number and not to receive any calls using the number.
    • If only Incoming is checked: There is no possibility for the number to be used for making calls as it can only be used to receive calls. There will be no emergency calling available for this number at this time. When a Zoom Room receives a lot of spam calls, setting the number to one that accepts incoming calls only may be useful if you wish to block all incoming calls to the Zoom Room; for example, if you want to block spam calls to the Zoom Room.
    • Note: It will be possible for phone users to select incoming numbers as their caller ID but they will not be able to place calls with these numbers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Zoom have different phone numbers?

Zoom dial-in numbers are available in accordance with the audio conferencing plan subscribed to by the host, as well as the number they have selected from the options available. It is a good idea to check beforehand whether you and your participants are accessing the same dial-in numbers if you are the host of a meeting.

Does Zoom show my phone number?

Zoom Phone will display your organization’s caller ID name as well as your phone number for the recipient. If you’re making a call to an external Zoom contact with Zoom Phone, Zoom Phone will display the name of your organization and your phone number (the company number or a direct number assigned to you).

How do I add phone numbers to zoom meeting?

Android | iOS

  1. Open the Zoom mobile app and sign in to your account.

  2. You can start a meeting or you can join one.

  3. The meeting controls can be accessed by tapping the Participants option.

  4. On the participants list, tap on the Invite link at the bottom.

  5. Choose the phone number you would like to invite.

  6. To invite a meeting participant, either manually enter the phone number or select a contact from the list of available phone numbers:…

  7. Then click the Call button.

How do you connect your phone number to Zoom?

Located next to Audio Settings, click the up arrow and then switch to the phone audio. Click the Phone Call tab at the top of the screen. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you are subscribed to the Zoom call out add-on, you can participate in the meeting by having Zoom dial your number.

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Can you send a Zoom invite to a phone number?

A telephone user may be invited to a Zoom meeting in a Zoom Room by placing a call to them during the Zoom meeting. There are also other ways to make a Zoom meeting other than calling a phone number for a 1-on-1 call or calling a conference bridge for a meeting that is not via Zoom.

What is the Zoom call in number?


Zoom meetings are capable of supporting up to 300 participants at a time. To join a Zoom meeting via telephone, you need to call (669)900-6833, which is the number you can use online. The phone number on Zoom is often updated, so please take note of that.

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