Disabling touch screen functionality in Zoom App

In the Zoom Room display, if a touch-based display is detected when the Zoom Room is set up, the controls will be displayed on the Zoom Room display when the Zoom Room is set up. It is possible, however, to disable the touch-screen interface on the control panel, which will make the room use the standard display and controller setup instead.

We recommend you read this article if you are using Zoom Rooms for Windows version 4.4.1 (1242.0623) or lower, since it will provide you with instructions on how to use a touchscreen monitor as a Zoom Rooms display.

Prerequisites for disabling touch screen functionality

  • A zoom room with a touch screen
    • You will need version 4.5.0 (1032.0906) or higher of Zoom Rooms for Windows to be able to use.
    • In order to use a touch screen on a Windows PC version 10.x or higher, you need
    • The computer has to be equipped with touch drivers in order to work properly
    • You can disable touch controls on Zoom Rooms Controller for Android or iOS by selecting the following option:
  • The device must be compatible with Zoom for Home in order to use Zoom for Home
    • The device is neat and has the latest firmware installed on it

How to disable touch controls from the web

  1. You will be able to log into your Zoom account once you have signed in.
  2. Then click Zoom Rooms under the Room Management section.
  3. In the Zoom Room name, there is a button that says Edit right next to it.
  4. Zoom Room’s Touchscreen features can be disabled or enabled in Setup by changing the setting.
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How to disable touch controls from the Zoom Rooms for Touch interface

  1. In the Settings menu, tap the General tab.
  2. Select the Room option from the menu.
  3. It is possible to disable the touch-screen features by tapping the Touch-screen features button.
  4. Zoom Room’s home screen is automatically switched to the normal Zoom Room UI when the home screen is disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you join an online meeting using Zoom, your microphone and camera are automatically turned on, which means that the other participants in the meeting can listen to your audio and view your video.
On your desktop, open the Zoom app and click the “Open” button. Select the Settings option from the menu. When you click the Audio tab in the window that appears, click the checkbox to the right of the button that says ‘Always muffle the microphone when joining a meeting’. Under the Meetings heading on the Video tab, on the bottom of the page there is a checkbox for ‘Stop my video when joining meetings’ that you need to click.
Your picture display will be given a softer focus by using the Touch up my appearance feature, which will ultimately enhance your digital appearance in real-time.
The Zoom meeting system automatically turns on your microphone and camera as soon as you join a meeting, allowing you to share your audio and video with fellow participants in the meeting.


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