How to Install Zoom Rooms for Touch in 10 Minutes

Things to prepare

  • Touch display
  • Wired LAN cable or Wi-Fi
  • Power supply
  • ID (email address) and PW for Zoom Rooms

This article explains the following steps:

  • Assemble the touch display (about one minute after unpacking)
  • Set Zoom


Rooms (about 5 minutes)

  1. Assemble the touch display

Purchase a touch play display and unpack it

The photo image uses DELL products.

Check what was packed

Assemble each part

Complete in about a minute.

Make sure you can connect to the internet.

  1. Set ZoomRooms

Download and install the client

Download Zoom Rooms from the Download Center .

Install the downloaded file along the screen.

  1. Sign in to Zoom Rooms

To sign in to Zoom Rooms, enter the pre-set ID (email address) and PW.

Done !!

Up to here, I was able to set in about 10 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Question


Developers can easily create Zoom apps and integrate Zoom into their existing systems with this open platform.
You will need your Zoom username and password in order to sign into the Zoom online portal. When you are in Room Management, click Zoom Rooms, and then click the Save button. Right next to the Zoom Room name, there is a button that says Edit. You should make sure that the toggle for Enable Room Controls under Devices is turned on (blue) so that it can be used.
When you are using a Zoom Room that does not require remote participation, there is a presentation feature to allow you to present something from your computer to the Zoom Room screen without having to host an entire Zoom Meeting if you are using one that does not require remote participation.
The process of creating breakout rooms
  1. Whether you want to start a meeting right now or schedule one later, you can do so.
  2. To create a breakout room, click the Breakout Rooms button.
  3. Assign automatically: Zoom will randomly assign your participants to the appropriate room based on how many rooms you would like to create. The method you select will determine the number of rooms you will need for your participants. …
  4. Once you have clicked Create, a new window will open.
Zoom Rooms can be integrated with online calendar services, which allows you to start from a list of scheduled meetings that have been created.
When you are the host of a scheduled meeting, how should you begin the meeting?
  1. Zoom Room control works by tapping the Home button on the screen when you are using the Zoom Room control application.
  2. To schedule a meeting, tap on the topic of the meeting you want to schedule.
  3. You will be prompted to tap the Start button.

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