How to Install Zoom Rooms for Touch in 10 Minutes





Things to prepare

  • Touch display
  • Wired LAN cable or Wi-Fi
  • Power supply
  • ID (email address) and PW for Zoom Rooms

This article explains the following steps:

    • Assemble the touch display (about one minute after unpacking)



Rooms (about 5 minutes)

  1. Assemble the touch display

Purchase a touch play display and unpack it

The photo image uses DELL products.

Check what was packed

Assemble each part

Complete in about a minute.

Make sure you can connect to the internet.

  1. Set ZoomRooms

Download and install the client

Download Zoom Rooms from the Download Center .

Install the downloaded file along the screen.

  1. Sign in to Zoom Rooms

To sign in to Zoom Rooms, enter the pre-set ID (email address) and PW.

Done !!

Up to here, I was able to set in about 10 minutes.


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