Enabling auto sign-in with ZDM in Zoom

Using Zoom’s web interface, it is possible to assign specific Zoom Rooms to devices enrolled in Zoom’s Mobile Device Management service (ZDM), or that are being managed by a third party MDM service. As soon as the Zoom Rooms app has been assigned, it will be automatically installed and signed into once the user has been assigned.

The following topics are covered in this article:

  • How to enable auto sign-in with ZDM
  • Troubleshooting

Prerequisites for enabling auto sign-in with ZDM

Using Zoom Rooms on a Mac, you can enable autosign-in by following the steps below:

  • An MDM service must be installed on the device

Windows Zoom Rooms can be automatically signed in by using the following steps:

  • An MDM service must be enrolled on the device
  • This device must run a version of Windows 10 that is at least version 1703

For iOS Zoom Room controllers, we can enable auto-sign in by following the following steps:

  • ABM and ASM are set automatically into Supervised Mode on the device, so it needs to be in Supervised Mode at all times
  • There must be an MDM service enrolled in the device

How to enable auto sign-in with ZDM

  1. When you are signed in to Zoom’s web portal and click Room Management, you will be able to select Zoom Rooms.
  2. In order to assign a device to a Zoom Room, click the Edit button next to the Zoom Room you wish to change.
  3. You can assign the device under the heading Auto sign in room by clicking the Assign Device button.
  4. The device can be selected from the drop-down menu and a type can be selected. Once you have chosen a type, click on Save.
  5. Please note that if you cannot find the device you need to assign in the drop down menu, you will need to select Assign unlisted device, then manually enter the serial number of the device you need to assign.
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  • There is a possibility that you might find a “Cannot be assigned” message in your Zoom web portal if your Windows device does not run Windows 10 Version 1703 or later. The auto sign-in feature is not available for this device, which means you cannot enable it for this device.