How to easily call out to H.323 / SIP device in zoom app

If you hold a Zoom meeting using H.323 / SIP devices in your company besides ZoomRooms, you can easily call out to H.323 / SIP devices.

First, the administrator needs to create an H.323 / SIP room. Users can select and call out the H.323 / SIP room set by the administrator.

This article explains the following:

  • Prerequisites
  • Administrator creates H.323 / SIP room
  • How users select and call out an H.323 / SIP room


  • You must have purchased the H.323 / SIP room connector port.
  • To add a room system to the directory, you need account owner or administrator privileges.
  • You need Zoom Client version 3.5 or higher to access the directory and callout features.

Administrator creates H.323 / SIP room

  1. The administrator logs in to, opens the [Details] tab on the left task bar, and clicks H.323 / SIP Room Connector ] .
  2. Click the Devices tab and click Add H.323 / SIP Device .

On the “Add H.323 / SIP Device” screen, select the protocol as H.323 or SIP

  1. Display Name] and [IP address or H.323 extension] Enter.
  2. [Encryption] to [Auto] or [Yes] , [No] and then select one from.When registering a large number of H.323 / SIP devices, it is easy to register from ” Import H.323 / SIP devices “.
    In Excel, enter the required items in the order of ” Protocol, Display Name, IP Address or H.323 Extension, Encryption ” from the left .
    ※ At this time, H.323 is imported with encryption “automatic” and SIP encryption is imported with “n / a”.

How users select and call out an H.323 / SIP room

  1. Hold / Join a meeting.
  2. If you are using a PC / Mac, click Invite.
  3. You can call out by clicking H.323 / SIP and selecting the H.323 / SIP room you want to invite.If you use a mobile such as iPhone , tap [Participant] at the bottom of the screen .
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It is in the screen [invitation] and then tap. Tap

[H.323 / SIP Room System Invitation] .

Select the type of room system and tap the device you want to call.

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