How to Combine Your Zoom Accounts Using Account Consolidation

When a user’s separate accounts with a specific domain (such as are verified and when the account owner or admin allows users to consolidate into their account, their separate accounts with that specific domain are consolidated into one account. It is possible for the holders of these separate accounts to change their email addresses in order to avoid being consolidated. You can claim a refund during the consolidation process for any licenses or add-ons purchased by multiple accounts. Following the consolidation of the accounts, the parent account associated with the domain will be assigned the licenses and add-ons to assign to the new users.

Besides adding an associated domain and choosing not to consolidate users into their account, the account owner or admin can also select to add an associated domain. Depending on the decision they make, you may either have to change your email address or cancel your Zoom account if they decide not to consolidate users.

Prerequisites for consolidating your Zoom accounts

  • Accounts with the same domain can consolidate into this account if they have the setting Allow users from the same domain to join the account
  • if they have a different email address (to prevent consolidation).

How to consolidate accounts

  1. You will be prompted if you want to consolidate into the parent account or change your email address if an associated domain is verified and the account has enabled the setting Allow users with the same domain to consolidate into this account. You will receive the prompt when you sign in to your existing account or when you create a new one.
    Note: When signing in to the Zoom web portal or the Zoom client, the prompt will appear. If the administrator of the associated domain has clicked on Send Email in the domain settings, you may also receive an email notification as well.
  2. Please click on Consolidate Into Account and then click Continue to confirm the consolidation.
  3. If a user has a paid account, they will be asked to refund the outstanding balance before the consolidation is carried out.
  4. If a refund request is made, a confirmation will appear once it is submitted. As soon as the refund process is completed, an e-mail will be sent to the account holder.

In the event that a user does not have a paid account, they will be able to join the parent account and receive a confirmation of their participation.


  • The following details will be transferred to your account after accepting the invite and joining the account:
    • Information about your profile (name, profile picture, time zone, etc)
    • Scheduling of meetings and webinars
    • Recordings in the cloud
    • Archiving of IM conversations
    • Contacts
    • Settings
      Depending on the settings which conflict with the settings on the account that you are joining, those settings may be altered. Licenses, such as those related to large meetings or webinars, will not automatically transfer with the new account and will need to be assigned by an administrator on the new account. Similarly, the data that can be found in the reports will not be transferred, so it is recommended that they download the reports they need before accepting the invitation to join. IM history has been transferred to the user and can be accessed by that user, but the admins of the new account are not able to access IM history that existed before joining the account.
  • The meeting and webinar IDs related to your Vanity URL will remain the same, but the join links will go to the new Vanity URL. This will allow attendees of the meeting accessed via the old vanity URL to be warned that they are joining a meeting that is no longer associated with the account associated with the old vanity URL and potentially cause confusion for attendees. If you want to avoid this, you can send an email to all invited guests and update your calendar events with the new URL that will allow you to register, or resend the registration confirmation email.

How to change the account email

When an associated domain is verified and the account is configured to allow existing users of the same domain to consolidate into this account, you will be prompted to consolidate into the parent account or change your email address when the associated domain is verified and the account is configured to allow consolidation of related users. The ability to allow users from the same domain to consolidate into this account is enabled by default, but if you choose this option, the email address associated with the domain will be changed. If you create a new account or sign in to an existing account in Zoom’s web portal or Zoom client, there will be a prompt that appears upon registering or logging in. There is also the possibility of receiving an email notification if you already have an account with Zoom.

  1. Click the Update Email Address button when the prompt appears, and then click Continue.
    Note: There will be no option to consolidate your account if the owner or admin of the account has chosen not to allow users in the same domain to consolidate their account. Only a change of the email address will be allowed.
  2. After you have completed the required fields, click Save.
  3. The new email address you have provided will be notified with a confirmation e-mail. To confirm your changes, please open the email and click the Confirm Changes button.
  4. You will then be asked to enter a new password and submit it.
  5. Then, you will be able to access your account by clicking Sign in Now.