Messages that require encryption when joining a zoom meeting





Zoom provides end-to-end encryption.

This feature can be configured by the meeting host or at the account level for all members. When this setting is selected, H.323 / SIP devices must also use encryption when dialing into a conference for proper security.

Option for connection

If you receive this message, you have two options to connect to this meeting.

  1. Turn on encryption on H.323 / SIP devices
  2. Turn off end-to-end encryption on the meeting host’s My Meetings Settings page and start the meeting again

Enable Encryption on H.323 / SIP Devices:

Polycom HDX Series (Pages 8-20 and 8-21 ): Polycom HDX User Manual

Lifesize: SIP Call  /  H.323 Call

For details on this article, please refer to the message that requires encryption when joining a meeting.


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