Setting the time to turn off notification of calls and messages in Zoom App

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When setting from a PC

  1. On the Zoom Client Home screen, click Settings.
  2. The setting window will open.
  3. Select [ Instant Messaging], and check [ Automatically disable notification from ].

Set the time you want to disable notifications

The status is set to rejection of reception.

・ Notification of receipt of message is not performed.

・ Meeting calls are silent on the PC, and a receipt notification pops up on the screen. Notifications for meeting calls are not performed for smartphones and tablets.

When setting from a smartphone

  1. Click Settings(gear icon).
  2. The setting menu opens.
  3. Select Notificationsand select Do not disturb
  4. Select [ Scheduled], enter [ From / Start time ] and [ To / End time ], and set the time to schedule.

This setting turns off notifications for both calls and messages.


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