I want to turn off notifications for calls and messages now in zoom app




This is the setting method for when you want to turn off call reception and message notification when using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

If you want to turn off notification now

You can set notification OFF time from your smartphone.

  1. Click Settings (gear icon).
  1. The setting menu opens.
  2. Notification Select], [ Do Not Disturb / Call Rejection and select].

If you select Pause Notification, you can select the time you want to be notified.

  1. Notification will be turned off for incoming messages and meetings for the time you want to set.

ay on the icon is performed.

Other types of notification settings include the following items.

Receive notification ] – Do you want to receive the notification in all of the message, choose not to receive or want to receive notification only private messages and Mention, or notification.

Group exception ] – Sets the exception to a specific group.

To disable it during the meeting – during the meeting will disable the notification.

Date and time notified – Select only if you want to receive in the case of whether you always want to receive notifications, or desktop offline.

Notification method ]-Select whether you want to be notified by vibration, notification sound, or both when receiving a notification.


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