I want to turn off notifications for calls and messages now in zoom app.

This is the setting method for when you want to turn off call reception and message notification when using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

If you want to turn off notification now,

You can set notification OFF time from your smartphone.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your smartphone by clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Select the Notification option.
  3. From there, choose Do Not Disturb/Call Rejection.
  4. Select Pause Notification to turn off notifications for a specific period of time.
  5. You can then set the duration of time that you want notifications to be paused for.
  6. During this time, you won’t receive any notifications for incoming messages or meetings.

Other types of notification settings include the following items.

Receive notification ] – Do you want to receive the notification in all of the message, choose not to receive or want to receive notification only private messages and Mention, or notification.

Group exception ] – Sets the exception to a specific group.

To disable it during the meeting – during the meeting will disable the notification.

Date and time notified – Select only if you want to receive in the case of whether you always want to receive notifications, or desktop offline.

Notification method ]-Select whether you want to be notified by vibration, notification sound, or both when receiving a notification.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I turn off call notifications on Zoom?

When you turn on the silent mode of your phone, you will be able to hear the sounds. In order to prevent your phone from vibrating in silent mode, you need to make sure that it is disabled. When you navigate to the ‘Do not disturb’ tab, you will find an option to choose to turn on the ‘Do not disturb’ setting. In both the ‘Calls’ and ‘Messages’ sections, you will be able to select the option of ‘No one’ under each of these sections.

How do I turn off Zoom pop up notifications?

The setting of chat notifications can be changed for all chats

The first thing you need to do is sign into the Zoom desktop client. Go to the Settings tab and click on it. Select the tab that says Team Chat from the left-hand menu. The settings for chat notifications will be displayed on the next page.

Where is Zoom settings in mobile?

Once you have added a user to Zoom Phone, you are able to change the settings for that user.
How to access a phone user’s settings

  • Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in.

  • Using the navigation menu, select Phone System Management followed by Users & Rooms.

  • You will be able to adjust the settings of a phone user by clicking on their name.

What happens if I get a phone call during a zoom meeting?

A call notification will display on Zoom Phone when an incoming call is received to help you identify the caller. If you manually set your status to ‘Do not disturb’, then you will not receive call notifications if you do so. You can select whether you want to accept or answer the call based on what the call notification tells you: Accept: Answer the call:

Does Zoom Use your Phone number?

Zoom Phone will display your company’s caller ID name for the receiving party if you’re using Zoom Phone to make a call to an external Zoom contact, along with your phone number (the company number or a direct number assigned to you) for the party receiving the call.

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