How to start a meeting from Zoom Rooms

“At the top left of the screen now meet ( Meet Now) and select”.

  1. Tap the contact you want to invite to the meeting.
  2. Set the conference scheduled time in the slide bar ” now meet ( Meet Now) and then tap”.


  1. “On the left side of the screen presentation ( Presentation) and then tap”.
  2. Tap the device type you want to share.
  3. Tap ” Start Meeting ” at the top right of the screen .

Frequently Asked Questions

For meeting room settings where multiple people are participating or viewing meetings in the same physical location, Zoom Rooms will be a better choice than Zoom Meetings.
Pairing the Zoom Room with your device. Sign in to your Zoom account using the Zoom mobile app. Located on the top-left corner of the screen, you should be able to find and tap the Zoom Room pairing icon that can be found on the Meet & Chat tab Enter the Shar Shar Sharing Key and tap Pair at the bottom of the Zoom Room display when you have entered the Sharing Key.
Users can collaborate in Zoom Rooms in a variety of ways, including HD video and audio sharing, wireless content sharing, whiteboarding, chat, and even screen sharing.
Zoom Room will display a button for joining the audio conference. You will need a Zoom audio conferencing plan that allows callouts. To view content or receive video, participants in the room can share their screen to the room display from a computer.
To edit a room’s profile, click its tab. The Room Passcode can be found under Basic. To view the eye icon, click it. The passcode can be viewed here.
Using Zoom Rooms or Zoom Rooms associated with their Zoom clients, attendees can participate in live meetings and webinars. Using their personal Zoom Rooms, attendees can participate in live meetings and webinars.

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