How to Start Zoom Meeting on PC or Windows/Mac






If you are using Zoom for the first time, the steps to sign up will be explained.
If you have already signed up and installed the app, please refer to the “Meeting start”.

    • Sign Up (User Registration)
    • Install the Zoom app
    • Start a meeting
    • Sign in



    • meeting
    • Configuration





Zoom desktop client (Windows or Mac)

How to Sign Up (User Registration) in Zoom App

Access and click Login.


You can log in using your email and password registered with Google, Facebook, or your existing Zoom account.

You can also login in conjunction with SSO ( Single Sign-On ).

If you have not created a Zoom account,  select “Sign up” to create a new Zoom account.


Install the Zoom app

After signing up or signing in and clicking “Meet a meeting”, a link will appear where you can download the desktop application.

Option a:

Click here to open the Zoom launcher (Zoom app) if the app is already installed.

Option b:

Download Zoom and click Run to download the Zoom app / Zoom client.

Option c:

Click here to start a meeting in your web browser without installing the app.


If you want to install the app later, please refer to the following article.

If you use a mobile, the installation destination of the app is the following link.


Start a zoom meeting

When you start the application, [ participate in the meeting ] or [ Sign You can select].

  •  If you want to participate in the meeting of the ongoing
    />/>/>[ participate in the meeting and click, you can participate immediately in the meeting by entering the meeting ID.
  • If you want to participate in the scheduled meeting
    sign in and click], [ meeting and click the], [ upcoming select the meeting, which is scheduled in the list, [start, please participate in the meeting from].

Note: The version number is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.


Sign in

You can log in using your email, password, Google (Gmail), Facebook account registered in your Zoom account, or using SSO.

Tip: If you have not created a user email and password, click Sign Up to create a Zoom account.  

Note: If you have a Zoom account but cannot remember your password, select  “Forgot your password?“. You can enter your email address and reset it.

Zoom Home Screen

When you sign in to the application, the main dialog box is displayed.

The default tab is Home.

What you can do from the home screen:

        • Display the type of account used for login (Pro or Basic)
          />Pro · · · · Paid user
          Basic · · · Free user
        • Start Without Video: Start a No Video Meeting



    • Schedule: Schedule (set up) a meeting
    • Join: Enter a meeting ID and join an ongoing meeting



  • key or

meeting ID, and share the screen

  • of PC, mobile with

Zoom Room

Zoom Meeting 

Select ” Meetings ” to view, start, edit, and delete personal meeting IDs, scheduled meetings, and recorded meetings.

For more information on Personal Meeting ID (PMI), please click here.

What you can do from the meeting screen:

    • Start: Start a listed (scheduled) meeting
    • Edit: Edit  or update a scheduled meeting
    • Delete: delete a scheduled meeting (cannot be restored)



e-mail, IM, such as SMS.

Note: If you do not see the scheduled meeting, click the Update tab on the top right to refresh the meeting list.



The Settings tab is located in the main dialog box or the meeting menu bar.

After you click Configure, the following options appear.

      • General:  Change default settings
      • Voice:  test, select and adjust speaker and microphone
      • Video:  Video Camera Test and Selection
  • Feedback:
  • Feedback

to  Zoom



  • recording,

Cloud recording settings


Meeting function

Describes the features of the zoom meeting.

What you can do:



  • of desktops and specific application windows ( more information )



  • ( more information here )




User guides etc. required before starting Zoom



in Zoom’s webinar training

For the latest information, please refer to Getting Started On PC And Mac.



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