Transferring calls In Zoom App

Zoom Phone is an application that will allow you to transfer an ongoing call if it has already been set up on your account. If I were to transfer an entry to voicemail through three methods, they would be the following: warm transfer, blind transfer, and voicemail to voicemail.


  • It depends on whether the recipient of the transfer is an internal or external number as to whether the caller ID will display to them when the call is transferred.
  • You can limit your admin’s ability to transfer your calls to a selected internal or external contact by changing the settings in your account. You can reach out to your admin if you need more information.
  • As soon as you select the option to transfer, the recording will end if your admin has enabled automatic recording, or if you started recording a call yourself. If you transfer to internal or external contacts, the recording will end. In the case of Warm Transfer, you can record the portion before the actual transfer is done by starting the recording again.

Prerequisites for transferring Zoom Phone calls

  • Desktop client for Zoom
    • For Windows: 4.4.52570.0415 or later
    • For Mac OS X: 4.4.52551.0414
    • Or higher for Linux: 3.0.285090.0826
  • The Zoom app
    • For Android: 4.4.52504.0411
    • For iOS: 4.4.0 (52578.0415) or higher
  • License for Zoom Phone
  • To transfer calls if it is enabled by the administrator

Transfer methods

Zoom Desktop Client and Mobile App offer three methods of transferring files:

Warm transfer: While you complete the transfer, your call is put on hold. If you want to communicate with the receiving party before your call is transferred, this can be useful if you need to work your way through an automated answering machine.

Blind transfer: It immediately hangs up your call upon transferring the call to the desired number. A phone menu will appear if the other party has to complete it.

Transfer to voicemailThe call is transferred to a specified voicemail box. Some numbers may not be able to be transferred this way. DTMF codes can also be used to transfer to voicemail.

How to transfer a call using the desktop client

  1. Zoom Desktop Client is available for download.
  2. Click the phone icon.
  3. A phone call can be made or received by following the instructions on screen.
  4. To transfer a call, simply click the Transfer button.
  5. If you want to contact a different phone number, you can follow one of these steps:
    • Number pad: Enter the number you want to call.
    • Search contacts: If you know their names, you can search for them using the information you have stored in your internal, external, and synced contacts.
    • Starred contacts: To transfer contacts to the Starred list, click the three ellipses (…). Click the phone icon to contact the contact by hovering your cursor over it.
  6. Once you have selected a transfer method, click the blue transfer button.
  7. In the case of warm transfer, your current call will be suspended until you can connect to the number you dialed. In order to finish the call transfer and hang up, click the Done Transfer button. Most of the in-call controls are available to you before you complete the transfer. For cancelling the warm transfer and returning to the initial call, click Cancel Transfer.

How to transfer a call using the mobile app

  1. Log into the Zoom App on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the phone icon.
  3. A call will be placed or received as directed.
  4. When a call is in progress, click Transfer.
  5. You can search for your starred contacts, internal or external ones, by dialing a number or tapping the contact icon on your smartphone. When you have found someone you would like to call, tap on their name.
  6. From there, you can select a method of transfer by tapping on the blue transfer button:
  7. As a result of the “Warm Transfer” option, the call on hold will remain on hold until you have connected to the number you dialed. You can complete the call transfer by tapping on the Complete Transfer icon. Once you have completed the call transfer, you will be able to use all the in-call control options. You can cancel the warm transfer by tapping the Cancel Transfer button.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you transfer a zoom call to another device?

You can access account settings through the Account Management menu on the left side of the screen. Click on the Meetings tab on the left side of the screen. It is possible to enable or disable the ability to transfer meetings from one device to another under the In Meeting (Basic) toggle.

How do I transfer a zoom meeting to someone else?

The Meeting or Webinar can be passed from one user to another by clicking on it once it has been located. Your Meeting or Webinar is currently being edited. You will need to finish editing it as soon as possible. As soon as you click on the Schedule For option, you will see a series of options. The new owner’s name will appear as a drop-down list when you select the name from the list.

Can you merge calls on Zoom?

It is possible to participate in a Zoom Phone conference call at the same time with three or more participants. In addition to giving participants an extension, it is also possible to give them a phone number, search through the contact list, or merge a hold call with another call in order to add them to the conference.

Can I have the same Zoom account on two devices?

In Zoom, you can access the service from one computer, one tablet, and one phone at the same time, allowing you to use it on all of them at once. The first device will be automatically logged out if you sign in to another device while you are logged in to another device of the same type while you are logged in to the first device. This is because the second device will be automatically logged out when you sign in to another device.

Can you three way call on Zoom?

Clicking the merge icon and selecting the person or number that you wish to merge the calls with will enable three-way calling to begin. It is important to note that during the course of a 3-way call, if one of the participants leaves the call, the remaining two users will be able to continue the conversation.

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