Using ZDM with Mac devices in Zoom

Assigning Macs to Zoom Rooms is made easier using Zoom’s mobile device management tool (ZDM), which is available for system administrators. In the event that the Zoom Room you’ve selected from the web is assigned on your device and it turns on, the device will automatically log into the Zoom Room you’ve selected on your device. There is no need to use activation codes, email addresses for sign-in, or pairing codes with ZDM with regards to activation codes. ZDM also allows you to upgrade the device as well as rename it with ease.

There are a number of topics covered in this article, including:

  • How to complete ZDM pre-enrollment for Mac devices
  • How to complete ZDM enrollment for Mac devices
    • Individual enrollment
    • Automated enrollment with Apple Business Manager(ABM)

Prerequisites for using ZDM with Mac devices

  • A license for Zoom Rooms must be purchased
  • The owner of the account or the administrator of the account
  • Computers that can be used in Zoom Rooms on Mac OS X

How to complete ZDM pre-enrollment for Mac devices

To manage Apple devices, Zoom requires a certificate associated with the Apple MDM Push service. After downloading the Apple MDM certificate, you will need to upload it to ZDM, and then authenticate it using the information it contains.

  1. As an administrator, you have the privilege of editing the settings of your account in the Zoom web portal.
  2. To enroll in the device management system, you must click the Device Management icon, followed by the Enrollment icon.
  3. You need to click the Apple tab under Enroll Devices in order to enroll your Apple devices.
  4. To upload a certificate, click the Upload Certificate button.
  5. Save the .scsr file locally by clicking the Download link and saving it to your computer.
  6. Apple Push Certificates can be accessed with your Apple ID if you are logged in with it.
  7. To create a certificate, click the Create a Certificate button.
  8. In Step 5, you downloaded a .scsr file that you need to upload.
  9. You can download Apple’s MDM Push Certificate by clicking on the Download button.
  10. After downloading the MDM Push Certificate, you will need to return to the Zoom web portal and upload it.

How to complete ZDM enrollment for Mac devices

Individual enrollment

  1. As an administrator, you will be able to edit the settings for your Zoom account when you log in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click on Device Management in the menu on the left then click on Enrollment in the menu on the right.
  3. To enroll manually, click on the Manual Enrollment link.
  4. Do not follow the instructions for Supervised Mode in step one, rather start with step two and move on from there.
  5. To open the link on your Mac, use Safari to open it.
  6. Using the Zoom web portal, you will need to enter the Access Code and click on Enroll in order to enroll.
  7. After you have downloaded the configuration profile, you need to open it once it has been downloaded.
  8. The enrollment process will be completed once Zoom Rooms MDM has been installed.

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Automated Enrollment with Apple Business Manager(ABM) / Apple School Manager (ASM)

  1. If you are a Zoom admin with the privilege of editing account settings, you can log in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, you will find an option called Device Management, followed by an option called Enrollment.
  3. Select the Automated Enrollment option from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the Upload Token window, click the Upload Token button.
  5. Get a copy of Zoom’s public key and save it on your computer.
  6. Using your Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account, sign into Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.
  7. Click the Settings button, then go to Device Management Settings, and then click Add MDM Server in order to create an MDM server.
  8. If you are downloading the public key from Zoom to your MDM server, you should give it a name and upload it to the server by clicking Save.
  9. Upload your MDM server token to Zoom after downloading it from your MDM server.
  10. In order to upload the token, you will need to return to ABM or ASM and click Devices once it has been uploaded.
  11. To assign a device to the newly created MDM server, select Edit Device Management on the device’s settings page.
  12. Once the device(s) have been successfully assigned to your desired server(s), you will be able to immediately sync the assignment(s) on the Enrollment page by clicking the Refresh button.
  13. After you boot up a new Mac, you will be able to see a Remote Configuration screen that will allow you to install the profile once it is booted for the first time.
    For existing Macs, the Configuration profile will only be available to you if the device has been factory reset.
  14. In order to access the macOS Utilities window on your Zoom Room computer, restart the computer, press and hold the Command + R keys as soon as the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  15. Continue by selecting the Disk Utility and clicking on the Next button. Using the View menu, click Show All Devices, and then click the Show All Devices button. If you wish to erase a volume or disk, you will need to select the volume or disk.
  16. After clicking Erase, you will be prompted to complete the following fields:

    • Name: The name of the disk or volume can be anything you like, for example, “Macintosh HD”.
    • Format: If you want to format a Mac volume in APFS or Mac OS Extended (Journaled), you must choose one of the two options. A compatible format will be displayed by default by Disk Utility when you open it.
    • Scheme(if shown): It is recommended to choose a GUID Partition Map as your partition map.
  17. From the Utilities window, click on the Reinstall macOS button.
  18. Choosing your disk and starting the installation process will be a simple process if you follow the on-screen instructions. Enter the password that you use to log in to your Mac if you are asked by the installer to unlock the disk. It might be necessary for you to erase your disk if it fails to detect your disk, or if it says that it cannot be installed on your computer or volume. Before closing your Mac or turning it off, wait until the installation is completed before closing it or turning it off.
  19. During the setup assistant screens, you will be asked to create a configuration profile for the remote configuration, which you can do by clicking the Next button.

The Zoom Room app will automatically be installed and launched on the IOS or Android device on which you have enrolled your device, so you are ready to start utilizing all the features ZDM has to offer after enrolling your device and completing the setup assistant screens.

The Zoom Room app will be automatically installed and launched once you enroll your device and complete the setup assistant screens, and you will be able to take advantage of the new features offered by ZDM after enrolling your device and completing the setup assistant screens.


Frequently Asked Questions


If Zoom is not working on your Mac, it is possible that the Camera and Microphone are being used by another application which is preventing Zoom from working on your Mac. Prior to joining a Zoom meeting, you need to close any other apps that may be using your camera or microphone before joining a Zoom meeting. There are a lot of apps that can be found under this category, including FaceTime, Skype, and Photo Booth among others.
If you click the lock icon in the bottom-left corner of the Security & Privacy window, you will be able to access the window where you can make changes to the settings by clicking the lock symbol. In order to unlock the OS, click Unlock, type in your username and password for the OS administrator, and then click Unlock to follow the on-screen instructions. It is important to remember that you will need to click the permission you need in order to change the permission for the Camera, Microphone, Screen Recorder, Files and Folders, or Accessibility.
It may be that your network settings are preventing Zoom from connecting because it gets stuck at “Connecting…”. If that is the case, then check to make sure that Zoom has access to your microphone and camera. It would also be a good idea to disable any antivirus software, firewall and VPN that might be using your Mac’s cameras and microphone, and close all the other programs that may be using them. A fresh copy of Zoom can be installed if the problem persists.
The Zoom website has a manual download process that you can use to download Zoom to your Mac. The Mac Zoom app comes with a wide range of features compared to the mobile and web versions of Zoom and offers a wider viewing area than the versions for mobile and web, so you will be able to see other participants in the call as well as engaging in the conversation. The Zoom app allows you to schedule or make meetings once you’ve downloaded it.
Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, and then click Privacy on the left side pane. Make sure that Microphone is selected. If you want an app to have access to your microphone, you have to check the box next to it.
In the Zoom toolbar, there is a button labeled ” Share Screen ” that you can click on. By clicking Share, you will be able to share Desktop 1. The System Preferences menu will appear if Zoom asks for permission to share your screen while you are logged in. There is a button on the pop-up window that appears when Screen Recording is highlighted on the left sidebar, which you can click if you want to be recorded at a later time, when the button ” Later ” is highlighted on the left sidebar.


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