What you can do with the directory (contact) function in Zoom App

Contacts appear in the Zoom client directory on your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android .

You can chat with your registered contacts, share files and images, and start instant meetings.

Conditions required to use the directory

  • The Zoom client or app is installed on your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device

Start a meeting or chat from your contacts

  • Log in to the Zoom application.
  • Click Directory (Contacts) .
  • Use the name to search the directory (contacts) for the person you want to chat with or have a meeting with.
  • With contacts, you can chat and start an instant meeting simply by hovering over the name.
  • Selecting [ Meeting ] will call other participant devices to join the Zoom meeting (assuming Zoom has been activated on the contact’s other device).
  • Select [ Chat ] to open a chat window where you can send a message
  • or send an image or file.
  • For more information on this article, please refer to the contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your phone contacts can be viewed, invited to Zoom, or called with Zoom Phone via Zoom’s mobile app. It is also called matching phone contacts.
Adding a phone number to a synced contact
  1. Launch Zoom on your desktop.
  2. The Phone tab will allow you to do this.
  3. Choose Voicemail from the tabs.
  4. You can add voicemail entries to Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts by hovering over them, clicking the ellipses button, and clicking the Add to Contacts button.
  5. Here are the details: …
  6. Add a new item.
This simple procedure can be followed to delete users one by one or in bulk:
  1. The first step in deleting contacts is to identify them. To start, click on Users under User Management. …
  2. Select users in step 2. You will see all the icon lists there. …
  3. Delete the file. Lastly, click Delete.
After you log in to your account, please follow these simple steps if you wish to delete a large number of users or all of them at one time:
  1. The first step in deleting a contact is to identify which contacts need to be deleted. Go to the User Management page and click on the option Users, and then click the button under it. After this, navigate to the Users page and click on the option Users. …
  2. Selecting users is the second step in the process. There will be a list of all the icons that are available for download. …
  3. The third step is to delete the file. On the screen, click Delete.
Contacts can be added using an email address. Chat, share images and files, and arrange to meet instantly once they approve your contact request. Your non-Zoom email address will be invited to join Zoom if you add it.


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