Setting-Domain management in Zoom meeting App

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With domain management

A management feature that automatically adds users to your account using your organization’s email address domain (eg @

Once the admin domain has been verified, new and existing users of all specified domains, including free accounts, will be added to the account.


Requirements for Domain Management

  • Business account or Education account
  • Custom domains (domains such as @ and @ can not be used)
  • Have account owner or administrator rights



To add a custom domain to your account:

  •  Log in to your account profile.
  • In the Managed Domains section of the page, click Add.
  • In the Add Managed Domain dialog, enter one or more domains and click Add. 
    If there are two or more domains, enter them separated by commas “,”.

  • On the Account Profile page, click Domain Authentication next to the domain name you just added.


  • Select one of the verification methods from the domain verification dialog and click Next:

Follow the instructions on the next page that appears. This page differs depending on each verification method. 

Note: The values ​​shown on the screen below are examples, and the actual values ​​downloaded or pasted may vary.


  • Add TXT record to the domain


  • Upload an HTML file to the domain


  • Add <meta> tag to domain homepage


  • Click the checkbox indicating that you have added or uploaded the appropriate information, and then click Domain Authentication.
  • You will see a “Verifying” message next to the domain until the domain is approved. 
    Verification takes from one hour to several days.

If validation does not occur within the expected period

  1. Click View Verification Details.
  2. The confirmation procedure of the confirmation method is displayed. 
    If the procedure is not completed correctly, you can retry the procedure.

See What is Managed Domain? For more information.