[Administrator] How to Assign a webinar license to a Zoom user

After purchasing a webinar license, you must first assign the user a webinar license. Assign a webinar license to a user in the following ways:

You must have administrator privileges to assign a webinar license.

Assign webinar license

  1. The administrator signs in to the Zoom Web Portal.
  2. Click User Management .
  3. User ] and click.
  4. Click Edit to the right of the user name to which you want to assign a webinar license.
  5. The Edit User dialog pops up.
  6. Check “Webinar” in the function column and select the scale you want to allocate.
    * You can select the scale only if you have purchased multiple webinar scales.
  7. Click Save .
  8. Users assigned a webinar license can host a webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The process of assigning a license
  1. It is possible to access Zoom’s web portal by logging in to your Zoom account.
  2. Click on the User Management tab, then click on the Users tab.
  3. It is helpful if you have a list of users in which you are able to locate the user who needs a license and search for that user.
  4. When you are on the user’s row, you will be able to edit it by clicking Edit. …
  5. In order to assign the User Type to a user, click on the box next to the User Type you wish to assign.
  6. You will be able to select the license after you have selected the User Type.
In addition to Zoom Events licenses, you have access to Zoom Webinars as part of your Zoom Events subscription. Zoom Webinars comes with all the features that you would expect from a webinar portal along with the ability to schedule webinars. You are not able to host a Zoom Webinar on the same platform as you are able to host a Zoom Event on the same platform using the same license at the same time as you host a Zoom Webinar on the same platform.
On the web, you can add users by following the steps below:
  1. If you are not already logged in to your Zoom account, please do so now.
  2. By selecting User Management from the drop-down menu, you will be able to choose Users from the list.
  3. Then click on the Add Users button.
  4. Add the user or users to the list by filling in the appropriate details and clicking on Add. A special invitation email will be sent to the users who have indicated their interest in joining your account, inviting them to do so.
  5. For a more detailed explanation of adding users, please refer to this article.
Admins can define custom scopes in the role management system for each group of users in order to manage users, dashboards, reports, and cloud recordings at the group level for meetings and webinars, so they are able to manage everything at the group level. Changing the permissions for a role that already exists is possible by logging in to the Zoom web portal as the account owner or as a user who has the privilege of changing the account settings for the role by signing in to the Zoom web portal.
In order to reassign one user’s Zoom Event license to another user, I would like to know how to go about this procedure. I have a question regarding how to do this. Zoom Events licenses cannot be transferred from one user to another, nor can they be reassigned. It is necessary to first unassign the Zoom Events license of one user if you do not have any available licenses to assign, and then assign the license to the other user if you do not have any available licenses to assign.

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