About reasonable license purchase method of Zoom App when we introduce company-wide

If you purchase a certain number of licenses or more, such as in case of company-wide implementation, there is a way to purchase cheaper than usual. A license called Active Host License allows you to use functions equivalent to business licenses.


About Active Host License

Active Host License is a discounted license for a fixed number of licenses, provided at a low price. The discount rate depends on the contract term.

Please contact sales for the minimum number of licenses and discount rate .


When updating a contract, under what rules will the license be renewed?

The number of licenses, whichever is greater, is applied.

  • Average number of active hosts ( * 1 ) for 3 months from 4 months to 6 months before the renewal date
  • Total number of users for last year assigned at contract time
  • 50 licenses

* 1 The number of active hosts refers to the number of hosts hosting a meeting at least once a month.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does buy a license on Zoom mean?

As a result of upgrading the Zoom One license, system administrators can gain access to Zoom Analytics as well as receive a daily usage report on their account as a result of an upgrade. Account owners and administrators will have the ability to view what meetings are taking place in their organization and at what time, how many people are participating, how many minutes have been taken, and so on!

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How many licenses do you get with Zoom business?

There are 5 Zoom licenses that you can purchase, which allows you to have 5 licensed users on your account. Your Zoom account allows you to add up to 9,999 Basic (free) users to it in addition to your Licensed (paid) users.

What are the licenses for zoom?

Users can be categorized into three types:

  • The basic user is one who does not have a license and does not have access to the full version. …

  • The user who has a Licensed account is a paid user who has access to unlimited meetings as part of their subscription. …

  • The on-premise meeting connector allows users to easily host unlimited meetings on their premises through the use of a paid on-premise account.

Do you need a license for Zoom?

Zoom Webinars

It is necessary to have a Zoom webinar license if you wish to host a Zoom webinar and be a licensed user. Your Zoom web portal provides you with the option of purchasing these licenses on the Billing page.

How many licenses do I need for Zoom Pro?

A customer can have more than 10 users on the account, but only 9 of these can have licenses assigned, while the rest of the users will only have Basic access. It is recommended that you purchase a Business account if you plan to have more than 10 licensed users. There are also a number of other features that are included in the account, such as custom branding, a vanity URL, and more.

How long can a licensed Zoom meeting last?

Meeting ends after 30 hours (active or idle)

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I would like to point out that even if the host is not present, the meeting’s time limit will still fall under the host’s previous time limit, in this case 30 hours, which would be imposed even if the host is not present. I would like to share with you what you need to know in order to arrange a meeting without a host in attendance.

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