Discounted Zoom App license for company-wide deployment (active host license)

This post was most recently updated on June 21st, 2021

What is an Active Host License?

We distribute Zoom licenses to employees and have discounts for company-wide deployment.

It is a license of the price system where the discount rate of applied license differs according to the number of employees.

With a minimum of 50 or more active hosts, you can purchase at an advantageous price over regular licenses.

About how to decide the price

First, allocate a license that corresponds to the total number of employees in your organization.

Set the ratio of hosts that held a meeting at least once a month (hereinafter referred to as the active host).

We only charge for the number of licenses for the equivalent number of active hosts.

What is the function of Active Host License?

The functionality of an active host license is equivalent to a business license.

Inactive hosts also plan to use the function of the business license.

If you want to know about discount ratio

Here please contact us. We will contact you from the person in charge.



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