Discounted Zoom App license for company-wide deployment (active host license)

What is an Active Host License?

We distribute Zoom licenses to employees and have discounts for company-wide deployment.

It is a license of the price system where the discount rate of applied license differs according to the number of employees.

With a minimum of 50 or more active hosts, you can purchase at an advantageous price over regular licenses.

About how to decide the price

First, allocate a license that corresponds to the total number of employees in your organization.

Set the ratio of hosts that held a meeting at least once a month (hereinafter referred to as the active host).

We only charge for the number of licenses for the equivalent number of active hosts.

What is the function of Active Host License?

The functionality of an active host license is equivalent to a business license.

Inactive hosts also plan to use the function of the business license.

If you want to know about discount ratio

Here please contact us. We will contact you from the person in charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions


You will be able to have 5 licensed users if you wish to activate 5 Zoom licenses on your account. Besides the Licensed users that you have set up as part of your Zoom account, you will also be able to add 9999 Basic (free) users.
The membership is not required to co-host a meeting, but once a meeting is up and running, you will have to promote the co-host so that they are considered co-hosts. Once the meeting has started, you will need to promote the co-host as the host. When you schedule a meeting for the time of the meeting, you can also choose to set the “Join Before Host” feature at that time, and it will automatically invite the others to the meeting. The host does not need to start the meeting in order to allow anyone to join the meeting.
As long as there are no more than ten users on the account, only nine of them can be assigned licenses, and the rest of them will only have access to Basic features, even if more than ten users are registered. If you need more than 10 licensed users on your account, then you will need a Business account. A Premium account also comes with additional features, such as custom branding, vanity URLs, and several other features that a Standard account does not include, such as additional functionality.
Furthermore, Alternative Hosts will need to be licensed users within the same account in order to be accepted, which is why they will need to be Licensed users. When the host and a user are having a meeting, it is possible for the host to transfer the host role to another user, however, any transfer of this host role will be subject to the license and restrictions that are associated with that particular user (the Basic user or Licensed user).
It is definitely worth mentioning, however, that Zoom Business is capable of hosting meetings as large as 300 participants, unlike Zoom Basic and Pro, which are only capable of hosting meetings as large as 100 participants.

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