How many months can a trial license be used in Zoom App?

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

The trial license provided by us can be used for one month from the start of use.

It becomes a basic plan at 0:00 one month later.


If the meeting scheduled when using the trial license is held after the trial license service has been provided, please be aware that it will be service provided by the basic plan.

Major changes:

  • There are time limits of up to 40 minutes when hosting a meeting with three or more people.
  • Cloud recording can not be performed when recording a meeting. You will save recording data locally.
  • The SSO function (single sign-on function) is disabled.
  • Settings for administrator such as user management are invalidated.
    • You will no longer be able to see the quality of the meeting in the admin dashboard.
    • The vanity URL will not be available.
    • You will not be able to configure domain management.
    • Company branding is disabled.


  • Skype For Business


(Lync) interoperability is disabled.

  • LTI integration will not be possible.

Please check the comparison chart of the license for details.


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