Zoom Meeting license grade comparison chart

Hostable number of participants※ Participant is person who received invitation to meeting.※ This is an add-on that can host large meetings and up to 1,000 participants Purchase additional recording storage capacity Screen sharing Remote control (remote control) function Virtual background (virtual background) function Zoom Rooms User management Skype for Business ( Lync ) Interoperability

Basic Pro Business/ Education/ Active host license Enterprise
Minimum number of contracted users None None Business license:
10 users or moreEducation license:
more than 20 users
Over 100 users
Up to 100 people※ Large-scale meeting
add-on impossible
100 people※ Large-scale meeting
add-on available
100 people※ Large-scale meeting
add-on available
1,000 people
Recording(Local storage / cloud storage)

/>cloud recording Once you have, you can run the download or streaming of their files from the browser. Available formats are MP4 (video) format, M4A (voice) format, and TXT (chat).

Local save only Local / MP4 / M4A Cloud Storage Local / MP4 / M4A Cloud Storage Local / MP4 / M4A Cloud Storage
Cloud capacity※ When the cloud usage reaches 80% of registered storage capacity, an email alert will be sent to the account owner.※ Storage is possible even if the capacity limit is exceeded. However, it can not be accessed unless the capacity is deleted or purchased additionally. Please contact us for additional recording storage capacity. None Number of licenses × 1 GB Business license is the
number of licenses × 1GBEducation license is the
number of licenses x 0.5GB
× Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annotation function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
<Optional feature>
Webinar function × Yes Yes Yes
× Yes Yes Yes
H.323 / SIP collaboration × Yes Yes Yes
Free dial or call me function × Yes Yes Yes
Webinars and ZoomRooms Discount Bundles × × × ×
SSO function(Single Sign On) × × Yes Yes
<Administrator function>
 ×  ×  Yes Yes
Administrator function control※ Account owners and administrators can use management functions such as recording enable / disable, encryption, chat, notification function on / off, etc. ×  ×  Yes  Yes
Management dashboard × Yes Yes Yes
Vanity URL × Yes Yes Yes
Commercial deployment option × Yes Yes Yes
Domain management  × Yes Yes Yes
Company branding × Yes Yes Yes
Custom mail※ You can create a branded email template and send invitations to attendees. × Yes Yes Yes
× Yes Yes Yes
LTI integration × × Yes Yes
 Cloud Record Transcript (character revitalization function) × × Yes Yes

※ Active Host License: If a company or group with 101 or more employees uses Zoom for company-wide deployment, there is a discount based on the total number of employees.




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