How to enter Meeting ID from Zoom’s CRC server from Sony side of TV conference system

After connecting to Zoom, Sony can not enter MeetingID as it is.

If you press # or * and then enter a number, you can enter numbers.

  1. After connecting to Zoom, reconfirm whether you are really pressing # or * (Please have your phone connect and check the screen)
  2. Check if communication is blocked on the Firewall side

Below, 2 successful

(1) Enter IP Address ## Meeting ID on the screen to input IP.

(2) Enter IP Address # Meeting ID on the screen to input the IP.

3 In the screen to enter IP, MeetingID @ IP Address

4 Enter #MeetingID on Welcom Screen after entering IP.

5 Enter #MeetingID on Welcom Screen after entering IP.

6 Enter * MeetingID on Welcom Screen after entering IP.

→ Please press the asterisk and enter the ID without changing the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch the Chrome browser. Join Zoom by going to You will be asked for your meeting ID, which you will receive from the meeting host or organizer. Then click on the Join button.
You can access Zoom Meeting Rooms by visiting Log in to your Zoom account by entering your email address and password. On the device splash screen, you will see the Meeting ID and pairing code that you need to enter. Click on the Connect button.
On your Android TVTM device, you can zoom in or enlarge the display information by following the steps below. Select INTERNET BROWSER from the app menu. The PROG+ or CH+ buttons should be pressed. Among 100, 150, 200, and 300%, select your preferred option.
Windows | macOS
  1. Sign in to Zoom using the Zoom client.
  2. Go to Meetings.
  3. Select the meeting that needs an invitation in the Upcoming tab.
  4. Copy the invitation by clicking on it. You will now have a copy of the meeting invitation on your clipboard.


Before joining a meeting, participants must enter a passcode along with their meeting ID. Whenever you schedule a Zoom meeting, a passcode is automatically created and added to the meeting, or a passcode can be assigned to your Personal Meeting ID.
Uninstall and reinstall Zoom

You may be able to join a Zoom meeting if you uninstall and reinstall the Zoom client if you already have the Zoom client installed.

The Room Connector can also be used to join a Zoom cloud meeting through a 323 or SIP device. Two options are available for the H. 323/SIP Room Connector: Cloud Room Connector (CRC) and Zoom Room Connector.