Workplace Zoom Bot

Workplace Zoom Bot

Note :  In the Zoom Marketplace, you can now purchase the Workplace bot. Using the Marketplace application is the best way to set up a new integration.


Zoom Bot by Workplace by Facebook enables you to start an instant meeting or join an existing meeting quickly with the Zoom Bot integration. All Workplace by Facebook meetings you’ll be able to participate in from your Zoom account.

On Workplace, you can also take part in live meetings and webinars.


  • There are several Zoom plans to choose from, including Zoom Pro, Business, Education, and API
  • Plans that work with Facebook Workplace
Note : 
The Workplace Zoom Bot is approved by Facebook, but all Workplace by Facebook customers will have to request approval from Facebook for the third-parties to use the Workplace Zoom Bot. This tool will not show up until an approval request is made by the third-party.

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Implementing the Zoom Bot in the workplace 

The following steps will help you enable Zoom Bot for Workplace to be used by users in your account:

  1. The first step is to login to Zoom and make sure you have the proper privileges to edit the Integration, then you can click Integration.
  2. From the Integration tab, scroll down to the Workplace section.
  3. When you click Authorize, Workplace will then prompt you to login using the same email address as your Zoom account.
  4. Click the Install button.
    Zoom Bot is automatically installed with the permissions associated with the group that you choose.
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The following message appears when the installation has been completed:

Utilizing the Zoom Bot in the Workplace

In the group chats, the Workplace Zoom Bot shares information that’s related to Zoom meetings. Entering the command @zoom help will give you information about all the commands available in Zoom.


Discussion in a group

To start a meeting without a topic, to start a meeting with a topic, or to join an existing meeting, you need to enter the appropriate @zoom command in Group Chats.

Summary and recording of the meeting can be found by clicking on the link below

A meeting summary will be posted by the Bot after the meeting ends and a link to the recorded recording will also be posted by the bot (if the meeting is recorded in the cloud). It is important to note that this information will not be uploaded to your Zoom profile if the meeting was conducted using your Personal Meeting ID. You can disable this option in your Zoom profile.

Frequently Asked Questions


Note: In the Zoom Marketplace, there is now a Workplace bot available for purchase. When setting up an integration for the first time, it is recommended to use the Marketplace app. If you click the “Join Meeting” button on the left side of the screen, then you will be able to start a meeting instantly or invite others to join an existing meeting immediately.
In order to remove a bot completely from a channel, you need to go to the channel name, select More options > Manage team, and then click the button labeled Remove bot from channel within 10 seconds after you have selected that option. When you select the Apps tab, click on the uninstall / delete button next to the name of the bot in which you would like to remove.ton next to its name under the Apps tab.