how to join a Zoom test meeting

Establishing a Zoom test call will help you prepare for upcoming Zoom meetings. If our test meeting is your first time using Zoom, you have the option to check the connectivity of your computer, familiarize yourself with the video conferencing features, and adjust your audio and video before coming on board.

Before joining the Zoom meeting, you can test your video and audio while you are in the meeting, if you do not have any time before joining.

Note: You can join a Test Meeting by going to, then follow the instructions to test your video and audio if you are using the Zoom mobile app.

Prerequisites for joining a test meeting

  • Zoom desktop client

 Creating a test video call

  1. Visit
  2. To launch Zoom, click on the Join button.
    The meeting will be launched in your browser after clicking the Join button:

    • The Zoom desktop client can be launched on your computer by clicking the Open button once Zoom is installed on your computer.
    • Zoom desktop client can be downloaded and installed on your computer if you don’t have it already installed. Click on download and run Zoom to complete the download process, install Zoom, and launch Zoom.
    • Zoom desktop client can be downloaded and installed on your computer, however if you are unable to do so, you can join from your browser.
  3. There will be a popup window in the Zoom test meeting for testing your microphone and speakers. Occasionally, the ringtone may not be heard using the drop-down menu, so you may need to click No to switch to another speaker until you hear it. Once you have heard the ringtone, click Yes to continue testing the microphone.
  4. Please use the drop-down menu or click No to switch microphones until you hear a replay. If you do not hear a replay, use the drop-down menu or click No until you hear it. Once the replay has played, you should click Yes.
  5. You will then be prompted to join the computer audio.
  6.  We requested that you click on the Join with Computer Audio button in order to join the test meeting using computer audio.
    We will add you as a participant to the Zoom test meeting. Click here to find out more about attending to a meeting.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Please visit the Zoom website at before the scheduled time if you wish to test your connection to Zoom. In order to launch Zoom, you will need to click on the blue Join button once you have reached the Zoom test page on the website. Please follow the prompts on your computer to download and install Zoom if you haven’t already done so and follow the instructions on your computer.

Before joining a meeting, you should test the audio before you join the meeting

After joining a meeting, click the Test Speaker and Microphone button in order to test the quality of your speaker and microphone. After this, click the Start Meeting button in order to join the meeting automatically with the computer audio if you have not enabled this option. A pop-up window will be displayed during the meeting to allow you to test your speakers.

We highly recommend you to try out Zoom by doing a test meeting at at any time if you would like to give it a try. We will begin by launching a meeting with only you in attendance (and then you can decide whether you wish to invite anyone else to join if you so desire). Despite the fact that you do not have the Zoom desktop client installed, you can still test your audio and video by selecting this option.
  1. In order to bring up the video options, you should click on the arrow next to the video stop button to bring up the menu option which allows you to view the video options.
  2. The video settings can be found by selecting the video tab.
  3.  Note:
  4. The camera should be able to show you yourself if it is functioning correctly. …
  5. From the drop-down menu that appears, select the drop-down arrow that appears at the bottom of the page.
  6. You can change the camera option by selecting another one. If you are using a computer with an inbuilt camera or an external camera, please note the following.
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