I want to check the operation of the audio device (pre-meeting / during a meeting in Zoom App)

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This section describes how to check how computer audio works before joining Zoom Meeting.

Devices required for verification

  • Microphone
    Built-in microphone, USB microphone, or headphone in-line microphone
  • Speaker or headphones

Operation check method Windows / Mac Test before meeting


  • Log in to the Zoom client.
  • Click Gear mark (setting).
  • Click the Audio tab.

Test the speaker

  1. Click Test Speaker to play the sound.
  2.  If you can not hear the sound, select another speaker from the pull-down next to the test button, or adjust the output volume.The speakers displayed in this pull-down will show the speakers connected to the computer.

Test the microphone

  • The microphone section, [ test of the microphone to test the microphone by clicking].
  • You can see the green input level bar move as Zoom picks up the audio sound.
  • Audio will start recording. When finished speaking, click [ Recording ].
  • The recorded audio is played back. Select another microphone from the menu or adjust the input level.
  • To have Zoom automatically adjust the input volume, check [Adjust volume automatically ].

When joining a meeting

When joining a meeting, you will be prompted if you did not select the Automatically join audio on the computer option.

  1. Click Test Computer Audio to test the speaker and microphone.
  2. Click this to open the audio settings. Please refer to the
    above ” Test the speaker ” and ” Test the microphone “.

In meeting

You can access audio settings and test audio while already in a meeting.

  1. In Meeting Controls, click the arrow next to Mute / Unmute.
  2. Click [ Audio Settings ].
  3. Click this to open the audio settings.
  4. Please refer to the above ” Test the speaker ” and ” Test the microphone “.

Audio settings

  • Automatically adjust the audio: Automatically adjust the input volume of the microphone based on the sound that Zoom picks up.
  • Automatically join audio on a computer when joining a meeting: Automatically join computer audio instead of specifying how to join audio each time.
  • Always mute the microphone when joining a meeting: Always mute the microphone when joining a meeting. You can unmute it later.
  • Join audio when joining a meeting using third-party audio: This option turns off the prompt to join audio if third-party audio is enabled for the meeting. Read more about third-party audio.
  • Enable stereo: Sends stereo audio if supported by your microphone. Read more about this setting.
  • Do not change the original audio from the microphone: Allows the microphone to transmit the original sound without applying for the Zoom audio extension. Read more about this setting.

iOS · Android to join device audio in a meeting

  • If this is your first time joining a Zoom meeting, you will be asked to grant access to the microphone.
    When joining a meeting, you will be prompted to join the audio.
  • The following audio options are displayed.
  • [Internet Call]: Connect to audio via the Internet
  • Dial In: Provides the option to dial into Zoom meetings via phone
  • Call My PhoneCall to join
  • the meeting. Meeting host requires a subscription to premium audio
  • CancelIf you select], [ audioyou can open again prompt by tapping].
  • Once connected, a microphone icon will appear in the lower left corner to mute and unmute.
  • If there is a need to participate in the audio in a different way, [ Details], [ cutting of audioand disconnect the audio and tap].


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