Auto activating added users in Zoom App

Administrators can perform this task either by adding users directly or importing a user list and then the users will be added and automatically activated with a single default password. The use of this setting is beneficial in that it makes the joining process for new users simpler and more automatic, removing the need for the admin to manually approve new members. Owners of accounts and admins can specify a specific password when inviting users to the site. Upon a user’s addition, he or she will immediately be activated, and need not wait to set a password for themselves.

Owners and administrators of those accounts must have domains associated with them that they manage in order to make use of the setting “Allow auto activation when adding new users”. Account owners and administrators will have the ability to manage users in the same domain.

Prerequisites for automatically activating users

  • Ownership or administrative privileges of an account
  • Containing a managed domain associated with a Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account

How to enable Allow auto activation when adding users


Activating or deactivating Allow autoactivation whenever users are added for all users in the account can be done as follows:

  1. If you are an admin with the privilege of editing the account settings, you may log on to the Zoom web portal as an administrator.
  2. To access the account settings, click Account Management under the Navigation menu.
  3. Click on Meetings in the left-hand menu.
  4. The Allow auto activation when adding users toggle can be found under Admin Options. This can be enabled or disabled.
  5. Verify the change by either clicking Enable or Disable if a verification dialog box appears.
    If you enable this setting for all new groups and users, everyone will have access to it.