MacBook Pro Touchbar Settings for Zoom App

You can use the MacBook Pro touch bar controls while participating in Zoom meetings with the Zoom client.

What you can do with the touch bar controls

When connected to Zoom desktop client

  • Meeting and screen sharing
  • Attending a meeting
  • Start Meeting Scheduling Quickly
    Reference: Even when not in a meeting.

What can be set while joining a meeting

    • Mute / Unmute
    • Start / stop video
    • Start / stop recording (if enabled)
    • End desktop sharing and sharing
    • Away / end of the meeting


  • Zoom setting


This page explains the following items.




    • MacBook Pro with Touchbar



version 4.123108.0402 or later

Settings when using Zoom desktop client

If you are not currently in a meeting, but set to the Zoom desktop client, you can do the following from the touch bar:

Launch a meeting with video

Launch a meeting without video

Attending a meeting

Schedule a meeting

Start screen sharing

Use Zoom settings

Settings during Zoom Meeting

When not sharing the screen

When screen sharing

Microphone mute / unmute

Start / stop video

Start / stop recording if function is enabled

Start sharing desktops (entire screen) and stop sharing

End of meeting / Away

Use Zoom settings


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