Requesting a number port in South Africa In Zoom App


It is possible to port a number from another carrier from your Zoom Phone account to another carrier that can be used on Zoom Phone as well.


  • South Africa is one of the countries that supports the portability of local phone numbers.
  • In order to port a number, we have to conduct a feasibility study with our number portability provider.


  • You will need administrator privileges if you are the owner of the account
  • With the license for Zoom Phone
  • Phone You will need to send a recent telephone bill or invoice to the Donor’s operator.

Requesting a number port

  1. Fill in the required Customer Instruction Form and ensure you paste it onto the business letterhead of your company, and then be sure to print out the form.
  2. You can reach us at by sending an email that includes the following information:
    • Please send your email with the subject line “South Africa number port”.
    • A Customer Instruction Form filled out and signed by the customer.
    • Your recent telephone bill for the porting of numbers, which should be dated within the last 30 days, should include this information.
  3. Zoom will review the request and confirm it has been received.
  4. ZOOM will make sure the porting number can be transferred by contacting our local partner in South Africa. The porting Letter of Authorization (LOA) will be sent to you once the numbers are confirmed as transferrable.
  5. Since the transfer request is dependent on your losing provider, Zoom will ask them to validate the information in your LOA. Zoom will schedule the number porting with the losing provider if it is approved. In the Zoom web portal, you will be able to manage the numbers once they are approved.


  • Your information must exactly match what your current provider has on file, so make sure to do that.
  • It is important to have a signature and a date on the Letter of Authorization within the past three months. South Africa does not recognize electronic signatures on letters of authorization.
  • Prior to the port being submitted to the losing carrier, a number of portability checks will be carried out.
  • The individual who signs the Letter of Authorization and requests the port must have the authority to change any aspect of the account with the losing supplier.
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There may be times when the providers suggest certain numbers are not transferrable.

  • While the numbers you are porting away from the losing provider will be transferred away, you may experience some loss of service to incoming calls during the activation period.
  • It usually takes 45 days on average from the day the LOA is submitted for the porting to take place.

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Frequently Asked Questions


It is possible to port your existing telephone number from one Telecommunications Service Provider to Zoom Phone by following the number porting process. Please visit our FAQ page if you are looking for more information about our porting activation times, porting time frames, or if you are encountering any problems while the process of porting is underway.
North America: It is expected that the transfer to be completed within seven business days, but it may take up to ten business days for the transfer to be completed. There is an average of four to seven business days between the time it takes to transfer a landline number and that of a wireless number, for major providers, and ten to twenty-one business days for smaller providers (including Canada).
Each of these media connections, using Zoom’s own protocol, attempts to connect via UDP on port 8801, and every one of them is using Zoom’s own protocol in order to connect with one another. As a last resort, Zoom will also attempt to connect with TCP on port 8801, and if that doesn’t work, it will connect with SSL (port 443) if TCP cannot be established.
It is Zoom’s policy to always use the following dedicated number when calling US numbers: +1-646-568-7788 when calling US numbers.

There are more than 90 countries in the world where you can call Zoom:

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There is a list of international dial-in numbers for Zoom that you can use to access its services, which you will be able to find here. There is a list of international dial-in numbers available in Zoom, but you must be logged in to view it. (Please note that you must be logged in to view it.)

The addition of a phone number for dial-ins
  1. It is necessary for you to sign in before you can access the Zoom web portal.
  2. If you want to do this, simply click on the Account Management tab in the navigation panel, then select Dial-in Contacts from the drop-down menu.
  3. To add a contact, click the Add Contact button.
  4. Please enter the following information in the required fields: …
  5. Adding another contact is optional, but you may repeat the process as many times as you like to add more contacts.
  6. Save the file by clicking on the Save button.
Dedicated Dial-In Numbers Can Be Enabled for a User By Enabling the Following Option
  1. The Zoom Web Portal can only be accessed if you are logged in as a member of the Zoom team, such as an admin or owner.
  2. From the navigation panel, click on User Management, and from the drop-down menu, select Users under the Users category.
  3. Click the Edit button to the right of the name of the user you wish to assign a number to and you will be able to assign it.
  4. As soon as you have selected the check box next to the dedicated dial-in number, you will be able to have the dedicated number activated.
  5. Save the changes by clicking the Save button.
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