Requesting a number port (APAC) In Zoom App

Using this feature, you can move a number from other carriers to your Zoom Phone account in case the number is already active.


  • The APAC region supports the portability of local numbers.
  • Only New Zealand and Australia support portability of toll-free numbers.
  • Mobile numbers cannot be ported in APAC.
  • Check out our list of frequently asked questions and issues during the porting process.

Prerequisites for requesting a number port

  • Admin privileges or account owner
  • License for Zoom Phone
  • The most recent telephone bill or invoice

How to request a number port

  1. Obtain the Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the country of origin and follow the instructions for completing it.
    • The instructions can be found in the porting guidelines.
    • We will swap any POC or trial phone numbers that you currently have upon completion of the port, so please provide the Number Swap Sheet if you currently have these numbers. We’ll replace the numbers that are swapped out with like-for-like replacements of the ones that are swapped out.
  2. To submit your order, please follow this link and attach the following documents:
    • Letter of Authorization (hand-signed or digitally signed) completed and signed
    • I require a recent telephone bill that references your porting number bill, which should not be older than 30 days.
    • In addition, I require any other documentation that may be required by the country of destination.
  3. Zoom will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  4. If Zoom receives a transfer request from your losing provider, it will send a request to verify the information on the LOA. Upon the losing provider’s acceptance, Zoom will work together with them to schedule the number porting. In the Zoom web portal, you will be able to manage the numbers once they are approved.


  • You need to be certain that the information you provide matches precisely what is recorded by your current provider.
  • According to most APAC countries, the LOA must have a valid address that matches the geographic area code of the ported phone numbers.
  • In order to guarantee the smooth transfer of Numbers, all Porting Numbers should be noted on the LOA itself rather than attached to the document.
  • There might need to be a complete porting of DDI blocks of numbers as some countries do not allow the splitting of DDI number blocks. If you would like more information, please review the commonly asked questions in relation to DDI porting.
  • The portability of numbers can only be checked following submission of the order. Occasionally, losing providers may advise that those numbers will not be ported over.
  • When you port from one provider to another, you may experience some service interruptions in the interim while the porting number from your losing provider is being moved away from the porting number from your new provider.
  • From the date of submission to the date of completion, the porting process normally takes 35 business days. If you would like more information, please click here.


If you need to request a number port, you can download this template and copy the needed email subject upon downloading the LOA form. For other requirements, you will need to check the porting instructions for the country of port.

Country LOA and guidelines Email subject
Australia and New Zealand PAF/LOA
PAF guidelines
AU/NZ number port
Singapore LOA
LOA guidelines

See additional requirements.

SG number port


Additional requirements


  • An LOA that is signed and stamped must be filled out correctly (matching the donor’s record) and may not be older than 35 business days from that date, including when the request for porting is submitted.
  • Copies of business registration certificates issued by ARCA, as filled in on the letter of authorization.
  • The Unique Entity Number (UEN) is a nine- or ten-digit identification number that is assigned to every entity that conducts business within the jurisdiction of Singapore by the government.



  • As a general rule, local numbers (+656xx) are portable when it comes to roaming. Nevertheless, national numbers (+653XX) cannot be used during roaming.
  • It is possible to request part of the number(s) to be ported (if not all is ported), but this will be subject to the agreement between yourself and your old provider, which will need to be arranged before the porting takes place. Partially porting numbers is usually not supported due to the local regulations and the way they are assigned.
  • It is important to provide a specific date and time for the number porting process. Changing the date of the event is not recommended, but it is possible if you give as much notice as possible (at least 7 working days ahead of time). In order to avoid causing complications regarding the port, changes should be kept to a minimum. It is required that any changes (date changes or cancellations) be made at least five working days in advance.
  • There is the possibility of changing the address for Emergency Services. Typically, the supplier will respond within 5-10 working days after receiving a request. Only after the site has been relocated can this request be placed.

Time frame

Each port in APAC has different timelines for delivery that are set by the regulatory requirements of the countries hosting the ports, as well as the responsiveness of the suppliers along the supply chain. In addition, the accuracy of the information provided is also crucial to the entire process. Progress will always be communicated to you.


Incoming calls may experience some loss of service on the day of transfer while the number ports from the losing provider during the port activation window. Incoming calls may experience some interruption during the port activation window.


  • Depending on the number of numbers to be transferred, the pace of the process may take up to 35 business days.
  • An activation for porting occurs between the hours of 2:40 until 4:40 pm SGT on Monday through Friday (the activation window for porting is 0–2.5 hours, but it can be extended depending on the loss of carrier).

Australia and New Zealand

  • If you are leaving your current carrier, the porting process can take as long as 10 weeks.
  • The number porting process happens during normal business hours in Australia. After it has begun, there will be a possible downtime of between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
  • It is possible to port numbers in blocks or in pieces. The numbers will need to be ported as blocks and as such you will need to provide us with the numbers you do not want to keep or add any additional licenses for. You will need to inform us which numbers you wish to keep. You will no longer be able to access the remaining numbers once they are given back to the provider.