Security: GHOST vulnerability Zoom App




The GHOST  vulnerability is a “buffer overflow” bug that affects the gethostbyname () and gethostbyname2 () function calls in the glibc library. The vulnerability could allow remote attackers who could execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user running the application to invoke any of these functions.

Which components of Zoom may be affected?

You have installed a meeting connector, virtual room connector, or phone connector / gateway that is running.

  • CentOS Linux versions 5.x, 6.x and 7.x

Follow these steps to update the glibc library:

  • Sign in to the server as root via SSH.
  • Execution command: yum update glibc

The patch is applied to a new installation of Meeting Connector, Virtual Room Connector, or Phone Connector / Gateway.

For more information on this article, see Security: GHOST Vulnerability .


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