How to start personal audio conference (PAC) in zoom meeting App



About to start Personal Audio Conference (PAC)

Pro, Business, or Education account users can only host meetings via the PSTN (phone dial-in). PAC meeting ID is 10 0r 11 digits that the host (or a participant who knows the host key) can start by entering the host key displayed on the profile page when prompted by the automated attendant Predetermined meeting ID of.


  • Requires a Pro, Business, or Education account
  • Your account must have purchased the premium audio conferencing add-on.
  • Personal audio conferencing must be enabled in your user profile.



  • Host key can only be used with PAC meeting ID.
  • Host control during a conference in PSTN is available only for PAC conference ID.

Meeting capacity is

determined bythe type of account assigned to the user account and theadditional plan.

・ For details on the capacity, please refer to Telephone Participation .

  • If your account and group have purchased a premium conference call plan, you will

be provided with toll-free and premium PSTN phone numbers.


Enable personal audio conferencing

Personal audio conferencing must be enabled in the user profile.

  1. Log in to your account and go to My Personal Audio Conference.
  2. Select Enable Personal Audio Conferencing.

When personal conferencing is enabled:

-A 10-digit conference ID is provided that can be used for PSTN only conferences.

・You can also use a dedicated dial-in number for personal audio conferences .
You will not be prompted to enter a meeting ID number when joining. Please note that
this special dial-in number is only available in the United States .

The Personal Audio Conference account has the following settings:

  1. Dial-in number
  2. Meeting ID
  3. Participant Password-Used by Listen & Talk participants to join the PAC.
  4. Listen-only password-Used by a listen-only participant to join the PAC.
  5. Host Key-Used by the host to launch a PAC.

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