Hosting a Personal Audio Conference Meeting in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on August 1st, 2022

Personal Audio Conferencing (PAC) 10-digit meeting IDs are fixed and can be shared with participants at any time.


  • Requires a Pro, Business, or Education account
  • You need to purchase a premium audio conferencing add-on in your account.
  • You need to enable personal audio conferencing in your user profile.

Configure your personal audio conference.

To view your PAC meeting IDs, the global dial-in numbers, and the auto-generated invitation text, log in to your Zoom account on the web and click Personal Audio Conference.

Edit global dial-in numbers

  • Click Edit to the right of the global dial-in number .
  • Confirm the number to add to the invitation.

  • If you would like the meeting invitation to include a link to the complete list of international numbers available for your account, check “Show international dial-in phone number link in invitation email” .
  • Click Save.

Add Participant Passwords and Watch-Only Passwords

If you want to add a password to the meeting ID, you can add a 6-digit password.

You also have the option to add a watch-only password. Participants using this password can view their meetings but can not speak.

Note: To set a viewing password, you need to set the participant’s password.

To add a participant’s password

  1. Click Add next to the Participant Password .
  2. Enter a 6-digit password .
  3. Click Save .

To add a watch-only password

  1. “Password of viewing only” in the [Add] and then click.
  2. Enter the 6-digit numeric password that you want to set for watch-only participants .
  3. Click Save .

Copy the invitation

  1. Participants of the participant or viewing only] of [invitation copy]and click.
  2. Click Select All .
  3. Copy
    Right-click on PC or Linux, or
    use Cmd-C on Ctrl-C Mac.
  4. Paste the invitation you want to share.

Start PAC as host


PAC meetings do not begin until the host joins and enters the host key.

  1. Dial one of Zoom’s global dial-in numbers enabled for your account.
  2. When prompted, enter your PAC meeting ID and then enter “#” .
  3. When prompted, enter the host key and enter “#” .

Host control by DTMF tone

If you entered a host key to launch a meeting, host control is enabled by entering DTMF tones on the dial pad. You can use the following command:

  1. DTMF commands: **
    • * 4: End the meeting
    • * 5: Lock / unlock the meeting
    • * 6: Mute or unmute yourself
    • * 7: Start / stop meeting recording
    • 99: Mute or unmute all participants
    • When the host presses “***”, only the host will hear the audio prompt message. The following response message will present the function menu.
    • When a participant presses “***”, only the participant hears an audio prompt message. The following response message will present the function menu.
      • Press “* 6” to mute or unmute yourself.
  2. DTMF command: * 7
    • When the host selects “* 7”, the host sends the following message.
      • The recording function has not been enabled.
      • Recording could not be started. Please contact support.
      • I can not stop recording. Please contact support.
      • The meeting is recording.
      • Recording has stopped.
    • When the host selects “* 7”, the following message is sent to all participants.
      • Recording a meeting.
      • Recording has stopped.
  1. DTMF command: * 5
    • Lock a meeting
    • Unlock the meeting
    • When the host selects “* 5”, the following message is sent to the host.
  2. DTMF command: * #
  3. DTMF command: 99
    • When the host selects “99”, it notifies that all participants have been muted / unmuted.


  • Log in with your Zoom account on the web and go to “My Personal Audio Conference”.
  • Click Start Meeting.

  • The PAC control opens in the browser.
  • If you have the option to dial into a meeting, or if callout is enabled, you have the  call me” option.

Follow the steps below to join by phone.

  • Dial one of the listed phone numbers.
  • When prompted, enter a meeting ID and enter “#” .
  • Enter “#” after the host key .
  • The browser displays the host control at the bottom of the screen.

  • Mute / Unmute:  Mute or unmute phone
  • Invite: Invite  other participants.

  • Mute All Participants: Mute  all users who dialed in.
  • Record : If enabledrecords the meeting on the Zoom cloud.
  • Lock: Locks  new participants dialed into the meeting.


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