How to Use the Librato Notifications app for Zoom

It is possible to easily monitor the health of your services by using the Librato Notfications chat app in Zoom chat. This chat app can be configured to send notifications relating to your monitoring configurations to your desired Zoom Chat channels based on the settings you have specified in this app. In order to connect to and configure Librato to work with Zoom, you will need to use Zoom Chat slash commands.

Prerequisite for using the Librato Notifications chat app

  • An account with Librato is required
  • The Librato chat bot has been pre-approved for inclusion in the Zoom Marketplace
    Note : Please contact your Zoom admin if your app has not been pre-approved.

How to install and configure the chat app

Add the chat app from the Zoom Marketplace

  1. You can access the Zoom Marketplace by logging into your Zoom account and navigating to the Zoom Marketplace page.
  2. Librato can be found by searching for it on the app store and clicking it.
  3. It is essential that you contact your Zoom admin if you are unsure whether the app is pre-approved for your account or not.
  4. To add a new item, click the Add button.
    Note: You will automatically be able to use the Librato chat app within your client if your admin has installed the Librato chat app on your computer.

Configuring the Librato chat app

  1. Open the Zoom client on your computer and log in.
  2. It is easy to send a message when you launch the Librato chat app and type connect (or /librato connect in a particular chat channel).
  3. A message will be sent to you by the chat app with a URL, please copy this URL and save it for later use.
  4. If you have a Librato account, you will need to login and navigate to Settings > Notifications in the Librato dashboard.
  5. Please click on the Webhook service that you want to use.
  6. Please enter Zoom Librato Notifications as the service name in the field below.
  7. In the URL field, you need to enter the URL that you got from step 3 above.
  8. Save the file by clicking on the Save button.
  9. On the left hand side of the page, click the Alerts link.
  10. The alert can either be created from scratch or it can be edited if it already exists.
  11. The Zoom Librato chat app can be found under the Notification Services tab located at the bottom of the page.
  12. Once the configuration has been completed, click Create at the bottom of the page to create the service.
  13. It should now be possible for your account to send Zoom Chat notifications once it has been configured.
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Using the Librato chat app

Available commands

  • List the available commands: To receive a list of commands available in any chat channel, type help or /librato help in that channel.
  • Connect your Librato account to Zoom: The best way to receive a configuration URL for notifications for your desired chat channel is to type connect or /librato connect in your desired chat channel. Following the steps outlined in the section above on Configuring the Librato chat app, please follow steps 4-13.
  • List configurations:You can display a list of configurations for your account by typing configure or /librato configure in any chat channel that you are using.
  • Disconnect your Librato account from Zoom: You can disconnect the Zoom connection by typing disconnect or /librato disconnect in the desired chat channel in which you wish to disconnect.

Uninstalling the Librato chat app

  1. If you are registered with Zoom, you will be able to access the Zoom App Marketplace once you are logged in.
  2. In order to install the Librato app, click Manage, then click Added Apps, or use the search feature to find it.
  3. Select the Librato app from the list of apps.
  4. Remove the item by clicking the Remove button.

Data security

  • There are a number of pieces of information that this app has access to on Zoom:
    • Under the Zoom account, you will be able to view channels that a Zoom user has subscribed to.
    • Using the Zoom account, you can view all the information about a Zoom user
  • Among the permissions that this chat app has on Zoom, there are the following:
    • This chat app allows the user to send a chat message to another Zoom user or an IM channel within a Zoom account that they are subscribed to.
  • There is an encryption mechanism that protects communications between the Zoom/Librato app and this chat app:
    • Protocol: TLS 1.2
    • Cipher suite: ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
    • Key length: 128 bits
    • Perfect Forward secrecy: YES
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Frequently Asked Questions

To enable Upcoming meeting reminder for your own use:
  1. Log into the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. The Settings button can be found in the navigation panel.
  3. The Meeting tab will appear once you click it.
  4. Under Schedule Meeting, you need to ensure that the Upcoming Meeting Reminder option is enabled.
  5. Click on the toggle to enable the setting if it is disabled.
A notification is sent to meeting participants and webinar attendees when a host or another participant is using an application that will allow them to access meeting or webinar content, such as video, audio, chat, and/or meeting files, during a meeting or webinar in order to improve transparency of how the data you provide will be shared.
Log into the Zoom web portal by entering your username and password. Select Account Management, then Account Settings from the navigation panel on the left side of the screen. In the Meetings tab, click on the Meetings button. When someone joins or leaves the group, make sure the toggle is turned on to receive a sound notification.
How to install Zoom Apps
  1. As soon as possible, we would like to schedule a meeting for a time that works for both of us.
  2. On the left side of the screen there will be an option called Apps that you can choose from.
  3. Please click on the Discover button.
  4. Browse through the featured apps in the Discover section of the app store.
  5. You can view more information about the app by clicking View next to the app’s name, and then you can install it by clicking Add.
  6. On the screen, you will see an authorization step that you need to follow.
Users can bring their favorite third-party applications and enhance their productivity, collaboration, and enjoyment in Zoom Meetings and desktop clients through Zoom Apps, enabling them to bring their favorite apps into Zoom Meetings.

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