Firmware update rules terms and conditions In Zoom App

Our VoIP endpoint firmware management guidelines can be found here. Take the time to read this carefully:

  • If the end user does not follow Zoom Phone VoIP endpoint firmware management policies, or if the end-user does not abide by the requirements and rules for Zoom Phone VoIP endpoint firmware management, Zoom Phone will not be responsible for any malfunctions or potential issues.
  • End users that use their own customized firmware will not be supported by Zoom Phone support/engineering services.
  • The new firmware management will apply Zoom Phone‘s auto-pulling policy. During non-working hours, all updates will occur automatically to minimize disruptions and to ensure as much resilience as possible.
  • If an end-user prefers, he can continue to use the most recent certified firmware version. Zoom Phone Support makes the following services available to him in such a case:
    A. Syslog / debug log reviewing;
    B. PCAP file reviewing;
    C. Root configs checking.
  • However, Zoom Phone makes no guarantee that any issue or problem that arises or was caused by the previous version can be resolved.
  • When a current deployed version of Zoom Phone has issues or bugs relating to security vulnerabilities or having an impact on basic call functions, Zoom Phone will be required to enforce the firmware upgrade.
  • Firmware upgrades, including bug fixes, major bug fixes, and minor feature releases, occur at varying times and scales. Thus, Zoom Phone does not release new firmware on a fixed schedule or timeframe.
  • Zoom Phone release notes and support pages provide information about software updates. You can find the current phone device version on the Zoom Phone Web Portal.
  • Zoom Phone only supports the current version of IP Phones and no more than two (2) prior versions of IP Phones from each of the manufacturers for each phone model.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Signing into the Zoom web portal is the only way to access the Zoom web portal. You can access the company information by clicking on the Phone System Management option in the navigation menu. To change your account settings, click on Account Settings. The Firmware Update Rules can be managed by clicking the Manage button next to the Desk Phone section.
The Zoom app does not seem to be updating on my computer. Why is that? The Zoom desktop client (app) needs to be uninstalled from the Zoom Download Center when it is unable to be updated. Once it has been uninstalled, Zoom’s desktop client (app) will be able to be updated through the Zoom Download Center. Ideally, if you have had no success with the upgrade, you are advised to uninstall and then reinstall the Zoom app using the uninstall tool if you have had no success with the upgrade.
It is important that you check for updates by logging in to the Zoom desktop client if you have previously installed the Zoom desktop client on your computer. When you click on your profile picture, you will be able to check for updates. The newer version of Zoom will be downloaded and installed automatically if there is a newer version available.
There is a desktop client available for Windows, macOS, and Linux users so that you can connect to Zoom from their computers. When you click your profile picture, you will be taken to a page where you will be able to select Help and finally About Zoom once you have clicked your profile picture. Zoom Desktop Client is the version of Zoom you will see when you click the button.

An Android device that is running Zoom needs to be updated

For an Android device, you need to visit the Google Play store and update your Zoom app in order to keep it up-to-date. You can find Zoom on the Google Play Store if you search for it there, and you should see an Update button next to its name on the app’s page on the Play Store if an update is available for the app. You can download Zoom from the Google Play Store by doing a search for it there. A button that says Open does not require an update if it says Open.


An Android device that is running Zoom needs to be updated

You can update your Zoom app on your Android device by visiting the Google Play store, which is where you can find it in the Google Play store. You will be able to find an Update button next to the app’s name on the app’s page whenever an update is available for Zoom in the Google Play store, and once the update is available you will be able to find the update button next to the app’s name on the app’s page. It is not necessary to update the software in the case that the button says Open as long as it says Open.

If you are unable to see the option to ‘Check for Updates’ in your desktop application, it may be because you have closed your web browser and checked whether you are using the desktop application. On macOS, it may prompt you to choose between ‘install for all users on the computer’ or ‘install only for me’. Please take note of this.

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