How to Transfer data to another user in Zoom App

As a precautionary measure you may want to move all of the scheduled meetings, webinars, and cloud recordings that the deleted user has to another user before deleting that user. The data can only be transferred to one new user at a time.

Note : 

As well as the ability to transfer meetings or webinars between licensed users on the same account, scheduling privilege can also be used to delete users without re-enabling them. We would appreciate more information about transferring meetings, webinars or Cloud recordings if you contact Support.

Prerequisites for transferring meetings, webinars, or cloud recordings

  • When deleting a user, the account owner must have access in order to do so
  • in case the user being deleted is a member of the account owner’s team or an administrator’s team
  • team, they will both be able to be deleted
  • at the same time so that a new, licensed user can be added to the cloud for this purpose
  • New, Licensed user will be able to transfer webinars to their new account once they have the webinar add-on installed

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How to transfer data to another user

You will need to change the admin‘s role to a member before you are able to delete the user.

  1. Then, sign into the Zoom web portal as an administrator with permissions to edit users.
  2. Then, click on User Management, followed by Users in the navigation menu.
  3. Find the user from whom you are transferring data, and then click on it.
  4. To edit a member’s profile, you will need to click on the ellipsis to the far right of their name.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. From there, you can select the types of data you want to transfer:
    • All upcoming meetings:
    • Meetings scheduled with the user, except those scheduled with the user’s PMI, are transferred from the previous system to the new system.
    • All upcoming webinars:
    • This includes all webinars scheduled by the user. A webinar license must be assigned to the profile of the receiving user before they are permitted to view the webinars.
    • All cloud recording files:
    •  These will all be transferred from the cloud. Licensed users can view these cloud recordings, otherwise they will not be able to access them.
  7. If you would like to transfer selected data to another user, you will need to enter the email address of that user.
  8. Click Delete.

Frequently Asked Questions


To pass ownership of the Meeting or Webinar to another organization, locate and click the Meeting or Webinar. The meeting or webinar you are editing can be edited. First of all, you have the option to schedule a time. From the drop-down list, select the name of the new owner.
You can call a contact by tapping on their name. You can choose which method for transferring your call you wish to use by clicking on the blue transfer button: In the case of Warm Transfers, the call that you are currently on will be placed on hold while you are connecting with the number that you have selected. To complete the call transfer and to hang up the phone, simply tap the Complete Transfer button.
In the event that I need to transfer a Zoom meeting from one host to another once I have started it, what options do I have? It is true. There is the ability to transfer hosting control of all Zoom meetings to a different user with the Zoom application. Due to an unfortunate illness, this feature can be of great use when the original host is unable to attend the meeting throughout the entire meeting.
There is no limit to the number of computers, tablets, and phones that you can have logged into Zoom at one time. Signing up for another device of the same type while logged into another device of the same type will automatically log you out of the first device as soon as you sign into the new device, which will happen as soon as you sign into the new device.

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