Enabling or disabling call overflow and transfer In Zoom App

Administrators may use Zoom Phone policy settings to enable or disable the ability of their phone users to edit certain call overflow/handling settings and transfer their calls using in-call controls, according to their preferences.


You can apply these policies at the account, site or phone user level regardless of the number of sites you have enabled. A policy setting at the lowest level is prioritised over a policy setting at the highest level. A specific phone user can be enabled from their phone. However, if the phone user setting is disabled at the site level, the user setting applies.

Prerequisites for enabling or disabling call overflow and transfer

  • Account type: Business, Education, or Pro
  • Administrator or account owner
  • License for Zoom Phone

How to enable or disable call overflow and transfer for phone users

  1. You can access the policy settings from the account, the site, or the phone.
  2. To turn it on or off for a specific account or site, or for a specific user, click on the following toggles.
    • Call Overflow:
    • Set whether users can alter certain overflow/handling settings on their phones. The following call handling options will be disabled for the user, site, account if they are deactivated: Forward to External Contacts, Forward to Internal Extensions, and Allow Callers to Reach an Operator. Users with noncompliant settings will have their calls forwarded to voicemail. Users with voicemail disabled will have their calls disconnected. You can find out more about these options by reading our article on call handling settings.
    • Call Transferring:
    • The ability to transfer a phone call using the in-call controls can be enabled or disabled.
    • The Zoom desktop client and Zoom Mobile are the only applications that support this functionality. You cannot use a provisioned desk phone with Zoom.
  3. Select one of the following options under each setting if at least one of the toggles has been activated, for more granular control:
    • In case of a call overflow
      • You can forward to external contacts and internal extensions
      • Only internal extensions can be forwarded
      • If inbound recording is required, you can forward to those extensions
    • Call Transferring
      • Voicemail can be transferred blindly or warmly to internal extensions, and warmly or blindly to external ones
      • One’s voicemail cannot be transferred blindly or warmly to external extensions.
      • Internal extensions only with inbound automatic call recording can be blinded or warmed up. Voicemail messages can be forwarded to all internal extensions