Setting up call queue opt-out reasons In Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

In accounts that have been set up, owners and administrators are able to set a set of reasons for opting out of call queues. Whenever the Zoom web portal or desktop application or mobile app’s Receive Queue Call toggle is turned off, call queue members will be required to select an opt-out reason. It is possible to have users choose “lunch” or “break” as a reason to opt-out for call queue notifications if they need to opt-out for lunch or break.

Accounts may be configured to disable multiple sites, sites may be configured to enable multiple sites, or call queues may be configured to enable multiple sites.

Additionally, administrators can view the reasons why members voted to opt-out and decide whether or not they wish to receive queue calls.

Prerequisites for setting up call queue opt-out reasons

  • There are two kinds of Zoom Phone licenses: (1) the Zoom Phone Premium license and (2) the Zoom Phone Pro license.
  • Adding the Zoom Phone Power Pack adds more features to Zoom Phone.
  • This is available for Zoom Phone Pro, Business, and Education accounts.
  • Admin privileges are required for account owners.
  • In order to select the reasons in the client or the app, members must have the client version 5.9.0 or higher.

Enabling or disabling call queue opt-out reasons

  1. To access the Zoom web portal, you will need to sign in.
  2. You can find Call Queues by clicking on Phone System Management in the navigation menu.
  3. Find the queue that you want to edit and click on it.
  4. Go to the Policies tab.
  5. To enable or disable the Opt-out Reason for Call Queue, click the toggle button next to it.

Setting up or editing call queue opt-out reasons

  1. To enable opt-out reasons for call queues, follow the instructions.
  2. From the drop-down list, click on Set.
  3. Default reasons cannot be edited.
  4. For information on adding, editing, or deleting reasons, refer to the following points:
    • Add a custom reason:
    • You can add additional reasons to choose from for call queue members. Type the reason and click Save.
    • Edit the reason:
    • Previously added custom reasons need to be edited, then entered, then saved.
    • Delete a reason:
    • Then click Confirm to delete any custom reasons you have previously added.