Linking a Stripe account to On Zoom host account

Linking a Stripe account to OnZoom host account

You can now accept payments online for OnZoom events using Stripe, which is a powerful and easy to use payment processing service. You are also able to link your PayPal business account; this is another option for accepting online payments.

Prerequisites for linking Stripe to your OnZoom host account

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.6.5 (823) or higher
    • MacOS: 5.6.4 (765) or higher
  • Zoom mobile client
    • IOS: 5.6.4 (308) or higher
    • Android: 5.6.4 (1862) or higher
  • Depending on your account type (Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education)

How to link a Stripe account to your OnZoom host account

Note: From the OnZoom account page, you can link multiple OnZoom accounts to a single Stripe account.

In order to link a Stripe account with your OnZoom host account for the first time, you’ll need to create a new Stripe account. If you already have an existing Stripe account, you will still need to create a new one. The benefit of using information from an existing Stripe account is that you do not have to go through the whole account creation process if you already have an account.

Note: In order to guarantee that your Stripe account is linked to your OnZoom host account, you should only use this account for sales originating from events that are listed directly on OnZoom. In addition, payouts will operate from this account only once an event is over. This account should not be used for any other Stripe products which are available on the Stripe platform, including Stripe Billing, Stripe Invoicing, and Stripe Payment Links. Due to the fact that OnZoom doesn’t trigger automatic payouts for these products, it means you will have to manually release payouts. Using these products will result in significant delays in payouts because OnZoom doesn’t trigger automatic payouts.

You can create a new account from scratch, or you can create an account which will be prepopulated with the information from an existing account when you are redirected to the Stripe onboarding process. In order to apply to a new account, regardless of whether information is pre-populated from an existing account or if it was created from scratch, it will have different properties compared to a standard-connect Stripe account. This will limit the ability to link the account to only the OnZoom or Zoom Events platforms, allowing Zoom to customize your experience.

Note: Having linked a Stripe account to your OnZoom host account and/or a Zoom Events hub is an option if you have previously created one, as you can select an account you have previously created and link it to your OnZoom host account and/or Zoom Events hub or to create a new account by starting from scratch.

Link a Stripe account during the host onboarding process

Note: Prior to applying to be an OnZoom host, you need to have your Zoom account approved in order to become an OnZoom host.

As soon as your application to become an OnZoom host has been approved you will be able to follow the onboarding process to create a new Stripe account and link it to your OnZoom host account.

Your OnZoom account will be configured as follows once your host application has been approved and your first time setup for your OnZoom account has been completed:

  1. Click on the Create and Link button to the right of the Stripe logo.
    When the Stripe onboarding page appears, click the Continue button.
  2. Type your e-mail address into the box.
  3. When you are done, click Continue.
  4. When you are done, click Continue. If you want to, you can also enter your billing information.
    Note: If you do not add a billing address to your account with Stripe, you will not be able to create paid events.
  5. Simply click the Create An Event button.

In order to link your Stripe account to your OnZoom account, you will receive an e-mail once the process is complete.

Link a Stripe account after the host onboarding process

You will be able to create a new Stripe account after you have completed the onboarding process and link it to your OnZoom host account.

After you have completed the OnZoom host onboarding process and have linked a Stripe account to your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to OnZoom to get started.
  2. You will find the Manage button in the top-right corner.
  3. Then, on the left side of the page, click Billing Information.
  4. Click the Create and Link button just to the left of the Stripe logo under Payment Method for Selling Tickets.
    The Stripe onboarding process will be taken you to the next page.
  5. The following information is required.
  6. Continue to the next step.
  7. If you have entered your billing address information, click the Continue button.
    Notice: You have the option of skipping this section, but you will not be able to create paid events unless you add a billing address to your Stripe account.
  8. Once you have done so, click Create.

In order to link your Stripe account to your OnZoom account, you will receive an e-mail once the process is complete.

How to view results when linking Stripe to OnZoom

You will receive a status result one of the following after you attempt to link your Stripe account to your OnZoom hosting account:

  • Complete: It is possible to create paid events on OnZoom and receive payments from the sales of tickets.
  • Pending:
  • Currently, Stripe is verifying your personal information, or you will have to visit Stripe’s dashboard in order to provide more information. There is a pending status when we need more time to verify the information you provided, or when we need additional information to verify what you provided:
    • Pending Stripe verification: The Stripe team is verifying your account details that were recently provided. Please get in touch with Stripe support if your account is still pending after 15 minutes.
    • Pending Host action: The account you just created will be able to receive payments and payouts when you provide more information to Stripe. To complete the onboarding process, please go to your Stripe Dashboard. From your Stripe Dashboard, you will receive information about what information Stripe needs from you.
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Limitations for paid ticket registration with Stripe

A host can create a paid event on OnZoom and schedule it at any time.

Until 12 months prior to the scheduled date of the paid event, attendees can only register for the event by submitting a paid ticket. There will be a delay of at least 89 days after the event publication date before the registration for attendees paid tickets is open for accounts outside the United States.

When you set up a paid event through OnZoom’s online payment platform and Stripe is your chosen online payment platform, the paid ticket registration for your event won’t be available to attendees until 12 months before your event is  webinar page. Here you will see a list of scheduled to take place.

OnZoom can tie your host account to both a Stripe and PayPal Business account, meaning that the paid ticket registration feature for your event will not even be available for attendees until 12 months prior to the actual event date.

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How to manage billing

Update billing information

The following steps can be taken to update the billing information for your account:

  1. Sign into OnZoom by entering your email address and password.
  2. Next, click Manage in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. You will be taken to a screen where you will find a menu called Billing Information.
  4. You will need to fill out the information under Your Address.
    Note:If you don’t have a billing address on file you will not be able to create paid events and this is because you must provide a billing address.
  5. You can save the changes by clicking Save.

How to manage your Stripe Dashboard

The Stripe Dashboard allows you to manage your Stripe account, manage payments as well as generate refunds, resolve disputes, and much more. At a glance, you will also be able to see important information regarding the activity of your account.

Fund capture

It is important to note that after you purchase a ticket with a credit card or debit card, the transaction remains pending for two days before funds can be collected. If there is a refund or cancellation during this time period, this feature must be activated so that you do not have to pay Stripe’s processing fees.


In the event a refund is issued, Stripe will charge you for the processing fees associated with the refund, even if the transaction is captured. The authorization process generally takes two days to complete, meaning that by the second day, the transaction has been approved by the credit card company or the bank that issued the credit card. In this two-day period of processing, the Attendee’s credit or debit card account will be credited with the purchase.

Approve or reject refunds

The refund request can be approved or denied from within OnZoom if it was submitted within 14 days after the event’s end date.

In the event of a refund request made between 15 and 30 days after the end of an event, you will have to sign into your Stripe account in order to process or reject the request.

View chargebacks

There is a chargeback when a debit or credit card holder requests a refund from the credit card company when he/she files a dispute with the issuer of the card.

Cardholders can question your payment for a variety of reasons with their card issueser, and hopefully, you can help resolve the case by responding to a chargeback. To protect yourself from fraudulent payments and disputes, it is important to follow some simple steps. Stripe has a feature called Dashboard where you can view any chargeback which has been received from your customers.

Note: For you to be able to reclaim your money, you must respond to a chargeback. As a result of not responding to a chargeback, you will forfeit the right to reclaim the chargedback funds, but you will be reimbursed by the customer.

Chargebacks are treated as disputes by Stripe, and you will be charged a $15.00 dispute fee per chargeback.

It is possible to get more information on chargebacks by visiting Stripe’s website.

View reports

There are two ways to view the reports: a summary report from the dashboard or a CSV file that contains an itemized report with all the transactions.

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View United States sales taxes

Various taxes are levied in different parts of the country. Zoom Events US Taxes can provide you with specific details on indirect taxes applicable to your region if you visit their website.

If you purchase tickets from a seller located in the US and Canada, the ticket price will be treated separately from indirect taxes as if it were the price of the ticket sold. The purchaser will also be aware of any amount that must be added to the ticket price at the time of checkout, if tax needs to be collected. The tax will be collected and remitted by Zoom on your behalf after the transaction has taken place.


  • The application fee for a transaction in Stripe will be used by Zoom to collect tax on a transaction. If you go to your Stripe dashboard, you will find detailed information about the transactions which are applicable to sales tax, GST, and VAT. Essentially, the total transaction fees consist of Stripe processing fees, including any applicable taxes owed on Stripe processing fees, and Zoom fees (taxes collected during the transaction that Zoom will be responsible for collecting and remitting on your behalf).
  • It is the responsibility of the host to determine and remit applicable indirect taxes in cases where Zoom is not required to collect and remit indirect taxes on prices charged to attendees.

How to follow the Stripe payout schedule

Note: There will typically be a delay of 7-14 days between the time your first transaction with Stripe is processed and settled in your Stripe account; you can do a test charge of $1.00 to help you set up your account sooner. If you haven’t started to sell tickets yet, you might want to do so 15 days before your event so as to avoid any additional holds on your first payment.

In terms of payout schedules, OnZoom events follow the following:

  • Event: Following a successful event, a deposit will usually be made to your bank account within 7-8 days.
  • Series: Your bank account will be credited with the funds deposited to it 7-8 days after the event has finished.

When Zoom releases the funds to you, it will be in your bank account within 1-2 business days after the event has ended. The funds are released 6 days after the event ends.

Note: It is possible that if you process refunds for a previous event to which you have already been paid out, the general payout timeframe mentioned above might not apply to your next corresponding event. Zoom should be contacted if you don’t receive your payout.

Stripe fees

In order to process a successful charge, Stripe charges a fee. This fee may vary depending on the country in which the transaction takes place.

Accepted payment methods include payment by credit card or debit card
Fees for Host 2.9% plus $0.30 for every transaction*

It appears that the transaction fees are composed of Stripe processing fees and Zoom application fees, which will be remitted on your behalf as a result of tax collected during the transaction.

*Fees may change if the Host reaches a volume that enables them to negotiate fees with the host and in other cases. For more information, please click here.

Processing time Documentation of the payout schedule

Outlines the dates when funds are scheduled to be released by Zoom:

  • One-time event: The funds will be released 7-8 days after the event has ended.
  • There is generally a 7-8 day delay after the end of the first event that constitutes a series.

Within 1-2 business days of the event or series ending, Zoom releases the money to your account, which will then be deposited in your bank account.

Note: You can do a $1.00 test charge to help you establish your Stripe account sooner by doing a test charge for $1.00 to help you establish your Stripe account earlier. The first transaction generally takes 7-14 days to settle in your Stripe account.

Number of days in advance paid event registration can be scheduled to start and the date on which the event registration can be made available. Participants will be able to register for the event’s paid tickets 12 months before the event is scheduled to begin.Note: There is a restriction on the number of attendees paid tickets that can be registered for US Stripe accounts, and this limitation will exist up to 12 months before a paid event is scheduled to start. It should be noted that the attendee paid ticket registration will begin within the next 89 days from the publication date of an event outside the United States.

How to unlink Stripe from your OnZoom host account

Your Stripe account is not able to be unlinked from your OnZoom host account if you have not closed out all of the following activities:

  • Events that have been published and that have sold tickets in the past
  • Have been classified as paid events
  • That are in the process of being processed
  • A payment has not yet been made for the event

Note: During the Onboarding process, you were given a Stripe account that you were required to link to your OnZoom hosting account once it was created and linked. After unlinking it from your OnZoom hosting account, you can relink it again. After the relinking is completed, all existing Stripe transactions (charges, payouts, refunds, and the details of the transaction) will continue to perform as before. You will also have the option to create a Stripe account and link it to the new account that you will be creating.

In order to unlink your Stripe account from your OnZoom host account, you must first:

  1. Join OnZoom by logging in with your OnZoom account.
  2. On the main page, click Manage in the top-right corner.
  3. Next, click Billing Information in the navigation menu.
  4. Click Unlink next to the email address that is registered to your Stripe account.
  5. You will find this option under the Payment and Payout Method for Selling Tickets section.

Note: The host will not be able to access any funds from their Stripe Dashboard if they close their Stripe account from the Dashboard and their account has an available balance or a pending payout for an event, so Stripe must be contacted in order to make any payments to the host.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you collect payment through zoom?

If you choose to integrate Zoom with PayPal as part of the Zoom with PayPal integration, then you will be able to charge a registration fee for your webinar. As soon as your webinar attendees register for your webinar, they will be taken to PayPal in order to make payments. They will receive information on how to join the webinar once they have completed the payment process.

How do I set up payments on Zoom?

It is necessary for you to sign in using your Zoom username and password in order to make an ACH payment through Zoom’s web portal. By clicking on Account Management, Billing, Invoice History, Pay Now on the invoice that shows up in your Account Management page, you will be able to pay your invoice. The option to enable Auto-Pay may appear if you choose ACH as your payment method and you have ACH enabled as your payment method.

How does Zoom billing work?

The Billing page of the website will show you your Current Plans, and you will be able to adjust whether your account would like to be charged annually or monthly according to your preference. At any time before your next billing cycle, you have the option of canceling your subscription(s). The subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it before the end of the current month.

Why is Zoom not accepting my credit card?

The expiration date and the security code must be entered correctly in order for the card to work. Nevertheless, if you continue to get this error, then there may be a problem with your bank blocking the payment. You can get assistance from your bank if you need it. If you plan to use a credit card, make sure that it has an expiration date that is not more than a year away.

How much is Zoom Pro monthly?


Zoom offers a variety of pricing plans based on its services

There are two plans available: a Premium plan that costs $14.99 per month per license, or a Professional plan that costs $149.90 per year per license, which is a savings of $30 over the standard plan. There is also an option to stream meetings to social media during meetings in the Pro plan, which enables you to have up to 100 people participating in one session, as well as unlimited group meetings. In addition, every license comes with a cloud recording capacity of one gigabyte.

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