Suppressing background noise for videos in Zoom App

Suppressing background noise for videos

Using the Zoom Desktop client, the participant can select a noise suppression filter that will reduce the number of distracting noises heard by their microphones. This filter can aid in improving audio quality with the Zoom desktop client. This filtering system removes noises such as crunching papers, typing on keyboards, fan sounds, dog barks, and other background noises to create an optimal meeting experience. When using Zoom for the first time, the tool mutes the background noises that your microphone picks up automatically; however, this can be changed so that Zoom mutes the background noises in a more or less aggressive manner based on the environment and usage.

The prerequisites for noise suppression are the following:

In order to achieve high-quality audio, you will need:

  • You will need the Zoom desktop client for Windows, version 5.2.0 or higher in order to use Zoom
  • The Zoom desktop client for Mac OS – version 5.2.0 or higher

How to remove distracting background noises in a Zoom meeting

  1. Click on your profile picture in the Zoom desktop client, and then click on the Settings button.
  2. Click on the Audio tab.
  3. Choosing the level of suppression you wish to use under the Suppress background noise section should be done as follows:
    • Auto: By default, this program applies moderate background noise reduction to help reduce background noise when it is necessary. Depending on the background noise level detected in the background, it will dynamically adjust the aggressiveness of blocking that noise. Moreover, if there is music playing in the background, it will not be considered as background noise.
    • Low: It will be difficult to reduce noise. Although low levels of persistent background noise will be blocked, it will not significantly reduce it.
    • Note: If you are playing music casually, you can use this setting, as it will preserve as much as possible of the original sound. It is recommended to use the Enable Original Audio setting in your advanced audio settings whenever you play music, for maximum sound quality.
    • Medium: This headset reduces and eliminates most of the ambient noise in typical environments, such as fans, pen clicking, etc.
    • High: Efforts will be made to reduce noises such as crunching of papers and wrappers, keyboard typing, etc. to the maximum extent possible.
    • Note: This option may cause the CPU to be used to the maximum extent possible.

Do you still have problems with the audio? Using the Zoom mobile app, you can check your audio settings or troubleshoot your audio issues to improve your Zoom audio settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can Zoom block out background noise?

Using Zoom’s background noise suppression setting, you can reduce the amount of background noise in your environment as much as possible by reducing the amount of noise that is coming from your speakers. With the high-suppression feature, it will ensure that you can speak clearly and focus on what you are saying during important meetings and presentations.

How do I turn off background noise on Zoom phone?

The Zoom app can be opened on your Android or iOS smartphone as soon as you have it installed on your phone. Secondly, you are going to have to select the ‘Meeting’ option found at the bottom of the Settings tab under the ‘Meeting’ section of the screen. The third step involves going into the Meeting settings, scrolling down, and disabling the toggle next to the statement ‘Use Original Sound’.

How do you get better sound from a video or music over Zoom?

Here’s how you can do it. I would recommend you to turn off the background noise suppression in Zoom/Preferences/Audio Advanced if you are playing music such as playing the guitar. I would recommend you to turn off the background noise suppression if you are playing music like playing the guitar. You can enable “Enable Original Sound”, a feature which allows you to connect the audio from your microphone or movie directly to Zoom, without having to worry about noises or echos being cancelled.

How do I stop Zoom from suppressing sound?

Here are some tips on how to make a meeting more enjoyable by having original sound

  1. Open the Zoom app on your mobile device and sign in.

  2. You can start a meeting or join one already in progress.

  3. Using Wifi or cellular data, you can connect to the audio of your meeting.

  4. You can tap more to learn more.

  5. Activate the original sound by tapping the Activate Original Sound button.

What are the best audio settings for Zoom?

Having selected and positioned your preferred microphone device correctly, play or sing fortissimo and make sure that the indicator bar does not exceed about 8/10, and ensure that the input volume has been adjusted to ensure that it is not exceeded once you have selected and positioned your microphone device correctly. By using the Test Mic button, you can test your audio to determine whether it is clipping or distorting if the audio level is too loud for your ears.

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