How to View meeting invitee’s status in Zoom App

When you are the host of a meeting, co-host, or alternative host of a meeting, you can easily check if your invited participants will attend by checking their attendance status. Those attendees who have been invited to a meeting but are not yet present will be displayed in a new section titled Not Present in the Participants panel, along with their calendar response (Accepted, Declinated, Maybe, No response).

If they choose Join, they will be invited into the current meeting by being called in, or if they choose Chat, a message will be sent to them via Zoom chat while they are in the current meeting.

Prerequisites for viewing meeting invitee’s status

  • Integrating the Google Calendar or Outlook calendars with the meeting host and participants to enable and configure calendar integrations
    Note: This feature will not be supported for Exchange On-Premises.
  • There will be a desktop version of Zoom.
    • Windows: 5.7.6 or higher
    • macOS: 5.7.6 or higher
    • Linux: 5.7.6 or higher
  • Assist as a host, co-host, or alternative host for meetings

How to enable the invitee list in the Participants panel


For all users in the account, the following commands can be used to enable or disable the invitee list:

  1. You can edit your Zoom account settings on the Zoom web portal once you have logged into the Zoom web portal as an admin.
  2. You can do this by clicking on Account Management and then clicking on Account Settings.
  3. From the Account Settings page, click on Meetings.
  4. In the In Meeting (Basic) panel, you can toggle the Show invitee list toggle to enable or disallow the display of invitees.
  5. You will need to click the Enable or Disable button to verify the change if a verification box appears.
  6. In order to prevent other users from changing this setting, click the lock icon to confirm the setting is locked, and then click Lock to prevent anyone else from changing it.


Note:  The Group Management page has been renamed to Groups if you are the administrator of a Zoom account created after August 21, 2021; or if the New Admin Experience is used on your account.

Using the following command, a group of users can either enable or disable their invitee lists:

  1. Please make sure that you are logged into the Zoom web portal as an administrator with the privilege of editing groups.
  2. Click the User Management link in the navigation menu, followed by the Group Management link.
  3. On the list, select the group you are interested in.
  4. Then, click the Meetings tab.
  5. In the Participants panel, click on the Show invitation list toggle to enable or disable it under the In Meeting (Basic) section.
  6. To verify the change, you will need to click Enable or Disable to open a verification dialog box.
    Note: Grayed out options have been locked at the account level and must be changed at the account level if they need to be changed.
  7. It is possible (optional) to prevent the setting being altered by other members of the group by clicking the lock icon and then clicking the Lock button.


For your personal use, you can enable or disable the invitee list by following the steps below.

  1. Please sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Select the Settings link from the navigation menu.
  3. Then click on the Meetings tab.
  4. You can enable or disable the Show invitee list in the Participants panel of the In Meeting (Basic) window by clicking the toggle.
  5. To verify that the change has been made, click on the Enable or Disable button if a verification dialog appears.
    Note: Grayed out options are those that have been locked either at the group level or at the account level. If your Zoom admin has locked these options, you’ll have to contact them.

How to view a list of participants’ attendance statuses in a Zoom meeting

The host, co-host, or alternative host has the ability to quickly and easily check who was invited to this meeting, how they responded to your invitation, and whether they have joined the meeting currently or not.

You can access this list by following these steps:

  1. Open the Zoom client on your computer and sign in to it as the host, co-host, or alternative host, so that you can begin the meeting.
  2. You can open the full list of participants by clicking Participants in the host control panel.
  3. On the Participants panel, click the arrow at the bottom-right-hand corner, then click Show Not Joined Participants.
  4. There will be two sections: Participants who have joined, and Participants who have not joined. By clicking on any of these categories, the list is expanded or collapsed.
    • Joined: It functions as a list of participants that is used during the meeting to identify who is participating and who isn’t. You can still access the traditional controls for participants.
    • Not Joined: The participants listed here have been invited to the meeting but haven’t yet attended. They are also listed with their response to your invitation to the meeting (Accepted, Declined, Maybe, No response).

There are three options available to the host for each participant in the Not Joined section:

  • Chat: In case the invitee is already a Zoom contact, this opens a direct message exchange with that person in Zoom Chat.
  • Ask to Join: If the missing participant is already a zoom contact, this invites them into the meeting, if they are in fact a missing participant.

Notes and limitations for participant attendance status

  • In order to join the meeting, the host must sign into his or her account on the desktop client, which must be running on their computer. Unless the user is logged in, is using a web browser to join, or enters the joining ID manually, it will not be possible to extract the list from the calendar event.
  • In some cases, it can take as much as 10 minutes for the calendar event to sync with Zoom after a change has been made, such as the addition of new invitees or changes to their responses.
  • Participants must be logged into the account linked to the email address from which they accepted the invitation in order to participate. A person who accepts a calendar invitation with a Zoom account that differs from the email address that they have used to sign up will be listed in both the Not Joined and the Joined section.
  • It is not possible to schedule the meeting with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and it cannot be a recurring meeting.
  • There is a maximum of 200 invitees that can be added to the meeting.
  • Meetings starting up to approximately one hour before their scheduled time will be able to use this feature. The fact that you joined earlier than expected will not result in the list being extracted from the event in the calendar.
  • Please add invitations a minimum of one hour before the scheduled start time.
  • It will only be possible to make use of this feature for meetings scheduled after this feature is enabled.