Screen sharing (direct sharing with Zoom room)

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

Participants in the Zoom room can share the screen directly with a single click from the Zoom desktop client on a Mac or PC. Ultrasonic Proximity Detection allows the iPad controller to generate ultrasonic signals that can be detected by the Zoom desktop client.

  • If the Zoom client detects a signal in the Zoom room, the attendee clicks the sharing screen and automatically connects to the Zoom room.
  • If proximity detection is not available, participants can enable direct screen sharing by entering a shared key consisting of strings.

If you do not want to use direct sharing, you can use another method to share content from your laptop or mobile device to your Zoom room:


  • Version 4.0 or later Version 4.0 Or Higher Zoom Room for Mac or PC
  • Version 4.0 or higher Version 4.0 Or Higher Zoom Room controller for the iPad
  • Version 1.0.22557.0316 1.0.22557.0316 or higher and Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 “or 10.1” Zoom Room Controller for Android
  • Zoom desktop client for Windows Windows or Mac Mac , version 4.0 or later
  • Linux Desktop Client for Linux version 2.7.162252.2012 or later

Note: If using Wayland, users are prompted to enter a meeting ID to share content.

  • Account where Zoom Room is set.
  • The Zoom room computer, controller and sharing computer must be on the same network.

Enable Direct Screen Sharing in the Zoom Room

To set up automatic direct sharing with ultrasound proximity on all Zoom rooms in your account, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the Zoom Web Portal as an administrator with permission to edit account settings and click Account Settings .

  • Go to the ” Automatic direct sharing using ultrasonic proximity signal ” option on the ” Meeting ” tab and make sure that the setting is enabled.If the setting is disabled, click the Status toggle to enable it. When the confirmation dialog appears, click to enable you to see the changes and select].

  • Participants using a laptop with proximity signal detected by the Zoom room application can share the desktop with the Zoom room meeting by opening the Zoom application and clicking the sharing screen icon.

To set up a set of Zoom rooms in your account to use automatic direct sharing with ultrasonic proximity signals:

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account as a Zoom Room Administrator and go to the Zoom Rooms tab.
  2. Click the level in the hierarchy that you want to enable to automatically start and stop the meeting. For example, to activate all rooms in a particular building, click on the name of that building.
  3.  [ Meeting set of proceeds to the], [ using ultrasonic proximity signal, automatically performs a direct covalent ] to enable the option.
  4. Click Save Changes .

Direct screen sharing without proximity detection

To allow participants to share their screens from a Windows or Mac laptop, if participants can not use proximity detection, follow these steps:

  • When the meeting starts , click the “Share content ” button on the iPad controller in the Zoom room .
  • The iPad controller will display a dialog where you can choose to enable sharing on your laptop or iPhone / iPad / Mac.
  • Click [ Desktop ].Both the iPad controller and the TV in the Zoom room will display a panel using the Zoom desktop app that instructs the notebook user to share the screen .
    Participants can share using the Zoom desktop client or browser.
  • Participants using the Zoom desktop client click the Sharing screen.


  • A dialog will appear on your laptop, where you will enter the shared key or meeting ID .
  • When a participant enters the shared key and clicks ” Share screen “, the participant’s desktop is displayed on the TV in the Zoom room.Participants enter the meeting ID [ screen sharing When you click, open the shared screen, where you select a window or application. When you click Share Screen, the Zoom Room TV displays the shared Windows desktop or application.If you are not using the Zoom desktop clientUse the browser to share the screen. Participants access where they enter the meeting ID (9, 10 or 11 digit number) and then click the Share button.

Since the meeting is started, [ Share (screen sharing) Click Next, open the screen sharing of the selected window, participants [Select the window or application sharing and click.

  1. The Zoom Rooms TV will display the washed screen.


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