Signing out and switching between Zoom accounts

If you want to sign out of Zoom and then use a different account to sign in, that is very easy to do.

Prerequisites for signing out and switching between accounts

  • If you want to use Zoom on a desktop computer under Windows or Mac, click here
  • If you want to use the Zoom mobile app on your iOS or Android device, you should head over to Apple’s App Store or Google Play

How to sign out and switch to a different account

Windows | macOS | Linux

  • After you have clicked Logout, you can click Switch Account to sign out.
  • Use the email address that you used when you signed up for Zoom or the one you use to log in to your desired account. As an alternative to SSO, Google, Apple, and Facebook, you can also log in using these methods.
    Note: In case you are logged into more than one Google account, you will be able to choose which account to use to sign into Zoom.

Android | iOS

  1. Open the Zoom app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Then tap Sign Out and confirm it by tapping Yes.
  5. Please use your company’s email address or the email that was used for Zoom registration when you sign in to your desired account. In addition to SSO, Google, Apple, and Facebook, you can also sign in using them.
  6. You will be able to choose the Google account you want to use to sign into Zoom if you are signed in to more than one Google account.


  1. On the Zoom web portal, you can click the top-right corner of your profile picture to reveal more information about yourself.
  2. You can then sign out.

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Frequently Asked Questions


As long as you keep each Zoom account on a separate device, then it shouldn’t be a problem if you have multiple Zoom accounts. Moving between accounts will likely become a bit more difficult once you combine accounts on one laptop or smartphone, but you should be able to do it as soon as you combine accounts.
A Zoom organization can be created by linking multiple Zoom accounts together. This is done by the account owner or administrator. The user accounts that are linked together as a group will be able to search contacts, chat, meet, and make phone calls (if they are eligible for Zoom Phone) once the account has been linked as an organization.
There may be a scenario in which when the user signs in via SSO again, Zoom prompts them to switch to another account if they are not in the account Zoom wants to map them to when they log in via SSO. Actually, this is actually a confirmation that the sub-accounts of UGA’s master account are being moved to the correct sub-accounts.
When you are scheduling or hosting a live meeting, the settings without an asterisk will give you the option to change them while the meeting is in progress. The following features can only be accessed during a live meeting if you adjust your settings on before you participate in a live meeting.
Adding multiple hosts on Zoom
  1. Go to your Zoom profile page here and select ‘Users’ from the ‘User Management’ menu. You will then be able to find your users.
  2. The new users will need to activate their account, which will be communicated to them via an email confirmation, before they can use the service.
While logged into another device of the same type, if you sign into an additional device besides the one you are logged into, you will automatically be logged out of the first device if you sign into the second device. When you sign in to Zoom from an office computer after you have signed into Zoom from your home computer, this error might occur as the home computer may still be logged in, which is causing the error to occur after you have signed in from an office computer.

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