Switching a call to your phone carrier In Zoom App

It may be necessary to switch to a regular phone connection if a poor or limited Wi-Fi connection is affecting the current Zoom Phone call.

Note : 

  • Whenever an Internet provider forwards a call to your carrier, a metered rate will be charged to you.
  • For help with improving your Wi-Fi connection, see our general Wi-Fi troubleshooting suggestions.
  • It is possible to add your phone’s direct number to the settings tab in your Zoom web portal if you want all inbound Zoom Phone calls to be forwarded to your phone service provider.

Prerequisites for switching a call to your phone carrier

  • Zoom mobile app, version 5.4.7 or higher
  • Required for Zoom Phone
  • Services that include forwarding to your direct phone number through the Zoom Phone app
  • If you have an active phone number and a mobile device with an active carrier
  • And the connection between your device and the carrier is good
  • Good and your administrator has activated the policy called “Mobile Switch to Carrier”

How to switch a call to your phone carrier

  1. Log in to the Zoom app on your mobile device.
  2. Start a call or receive one.
  3. From the call controls, you can choose to tap More.
  4. From there, you can choose to Switch to a Carrier.
  5. Then you need to enter the direct number of your phone as shown below. For example, if you enter +19051231234 instead of +1 (905) 123-1234, you will be switched to +1 (905) 123-1234.
    • There is no minus sign (+).
    • Code of the country:
    • Postal area code
    • The phone number
  6. Tap Switch.
    After you enter the phone number, Zoom Phone will make call to that number.
  7. Once you receive the call, you will answer it using your mobile carrier.
    Your Zoom Phone call will be automatically ended when you answer the call with your mobile carrier.

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You may struggle to complete the switch if you run into one of the following error messages. Here are some troubleshooting suggestions for each error message.

Call Failed

This phone number format was not recognized by Zoom Phone. To ensure you have entered the direct number of your phone correctly, enter it as follows:

  • Plus sign (+)
  • Country code
  • Area code
  • Phone number

To switch to +1 (905) 123-1234, for example, you could enter +19051231234.

Failed to Switch

Zoom Phone’s calling package does not support the direct dialing feature on your phone. On the Zoom web portal, you can view the details of the current package you have for calling in your settings.

You can change your calling package by contacting the Zoom Phone admin.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can call a contact by tapping on their name. If you use the blue transfer button, you have the option to choose whether you would like to place the current call on hold during the duration of the incoming call, or whether you would like to place the current call on hold while you make the incoming call. When you choose Warm Transfer, you will be able to make the new call while putting your current call on hold. It is possible to hang up your phone after the call has been transferred by tapping the Complete Transfer button when the transfer has been completed.
It is essential that you sign in before you are able to access the Zoom web portal. You can reach Call System Management from the main navigation menu by clicking on Call System Management. From the drop-down menu, select Phone Numbers from the list of options that appears. When you click the appropriate button, you will be able to access the tabs for assigned and unassigned files. In order to edit a number, simply click on it.
If you do not wish to use the web portal, you can also use the desktop client to schedule an appointment in addition to the web portal. To set up a meeting, select Telephone under the Audio category on the desktop client. Zoom Rooms’ control panel can be used to begin the meeting. The details of the meeting can be viewed by clicking the info icon next to the Meeting ID. The number needs to be entered first, and then you need to enter the session ID and the session number if you are dialing through a PSTN, VoIP, or SIP phone.
The process of adding a dial-in number for a phone call
  1. Become a member of the Zoom website by logging in.
  2. The Accounts tab can be found in the navigation panel. On the left side of that tab, click Phone Dial-in Contacts.
  3. In the Add Contact window, click the Add Contact button.
  4. The following information needs to be entered:…
  5. It is possible to add more contacts by clicking Add Another and then repeating step 4 as necessary.
  6. Save the file by clicking on the Save button.
Is Zoom compatible with Wi-Fi or does it require Wi-Fi to operate? As you may know, Zoom can be accessed without a Wi-Fi connection in a variety of different ways when you are using it without the use of WiFi. In order to access Zoom, you can use your mobile data, you can connect your computer to your modem or router using an Ethernet cable, or even you can engage in a Zoom meeting with your smartphone. In the event that you do not have Wi-Fi access at your home, you can be able to access the Zoom meeting on your cellphone using the Zoom app.

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