Using the MailChimp Notifications app in Zoom App

You can subscribe to MailChimp’s campaign updates and receive them straight to your inbox. You can automate your marketing campaigns with MailChimp’s email marketing platform by sending out emails as part of your marketing campaign. It is now possible to receive campaign performance alerts and notifications in Zoom Chat channels through the MailChimp Notifications app for Zoom which allows you to be very up to date with campaign results.

Prerequisites for the MailChimp Notifications app

  • You will need a MailChimp account to do this
  • I would like to receive preapproval from Zoom App Marketplace for installing the Mailchimp Notifications chat app
    Note: It is important that you contact your Zoom administrator if the app is not pre-approved.

How to install and configure MailChimp Notifications

Install from the Zoom App Marketplace

  1. You will need to sign in with your Zoom account in order to access the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click the Mailchimp app in the search results and search for it.
  3. You can find MailChimp by entering its name in the search box at the top right of your screen.
  4. Once you have located the MailChimp Notifications app in your search results, you will want to click on it.
    Note: Ensure that your Zoom administrator approves the app for your account if the app has not been pre-approved.
  5. You can install the app by visiting the website.
  6. Click on the Authorize button after you have confirmed the app permissions.

Link your MailChimp account

It will be necessary for you to link your MailChimp account to the MailChimp Notifications app once it has been installed.

  1. In your individual chat channel, type the link command in the text box provided.
    As soon as your MailChimp account is linked, you will receive a URL that you need to input.
  2. The URL can be accessed by clicking on it.
  3. The MailChimp API Key should be copied and pasted into the appropriate field on the page.
  4. Submit the form by clicking on the Submit button.

How to use the MailChimp chatbot

Use the chat commands

You can use the MailChimp chatbot to perform the following actions:

  • Help: In order to obtain a list of all the commands for the Mailchimp chatbot, type /mailchimp help into the Mailchimp chat window.
  • Link your MailChimp account: In order to link your MailChimp account to this page, you need to type /mailchimp link, which will open a new window.
  • Connect MailChimp notifications to your channel: If you would like to have MailChimp campaign performance updates added to your channel, use the command /mailchimp connect [campaignId] on the command line. Once a day, you will be sent a notification about the performance of the campaign you have selected.
  • Note: In order to view your campaignIds, you can use the command /mailchimp campaigns.
  • Disconnect MailChimp notifications from your channel: It is possible to turn off and remove MailChimp notifications for this channel by typing /mailchimp disconnect. In this case, you are only removing the notifications that you subscribe to; you will continue to receive notifications that are subscribed by other people.
  • See your current subscription: If you want to see which campaigns you are currently subscribed to, type /mailchimp connections in the address bar.
  • Start a Zoom meeting: In order to start a Zoom meeting, type /mailchimp meet in the address bar.
  • See list of campaigns:The list of your campaigns can be viewed by typing in the command /mailchimp campaigns in the address bar.
  • See the performance of a campaign: For more information on the performance of a particular campaign, type /mailchimp performance [campaignId] into your web browser.
  • Note: It is possible to see your campaignIds by typing /mailchimp campaigns into your browser.
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How to uninstall the MailChimp Notifications chat app

  1. You will need to sign in as the account administrator in order to access the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click on Manage in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click on Added Apps in the navigation menu at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the Remove button next to the Mailchimp Notifications app.
  5. Click the Remove button once you have confirmed the dialogue box.

Data security

Whenever you access the Zoom account, you are allowed to share certain information with the 3rd party service that is installed on your device. I would like to clarify some information regarding data security in the following paragraphs:

  • The chatbot is able to access the following Zoom data:
    • The chatbot can access all user information (account number, account id, owner, owner email, and number of licenses) as well as show all past and current meetings (download past meeting reports, list past meeting participants, and view the meetings) and users’ meetings (review all past and future meetings and meeting settings, list all past and current webinar registrants, archive all webinar polls, and list all past meeting participants).
  • The chatbot has access to the following MailChimp data:
    • The app has access to the following MailChimp data:
      • All campaigns, including details about each campaign, will be listed, so that you can keep track of all campaigns.
      • Subscribers can get a report on the campaigns they have subscribed to
    • MailChimp data stored in a database: The campaign ID as well as the API key are stored in this database
    • MailChimp data presented to the user: For each campaign, the following fields are displayed: campaign name, campaign ID, emails sent, abuse reports, unsubscribes, unique opens, total opens, open rate, click rate, subscription rate, unsubscribe rate.
  • Admin-level data can be accessed by this chatbot at both the read and write levels for MailChimp.
  • Are there any permissions that will be granted to this chatbot?
    • In order for this chatbot to be able to send messages on behalf of the chat app to an IM channel or specific user, it has to be authorized to do so.
    • Admin-level MailChimp operations will be accessible to this chatbot through the admin interface.
  • Could you please tell me if Zoom’s communications with this chatbot are encrypted? Could you please tell me what algorithm and key strengths are used if the answer is yes?
    • MailChimp and Zoom do have an encrypted connection between them, and it is as follows:
      • Protocol: TLS 1.2
      • Cipher suite: ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
      • Key length: 128 bits
      • Perfect Forward secrecy: YES
  • Is there a local data store where access credentials from this chatbot are stored?
    • Admin-level and user-level MailChimp tokens are stored in a database along with Zoom OAuth credentials and tokens.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to embed Zoom Meetings and Webinars into your website using the Web Meeting SDK. Apart from HTML and JavaScript, the framework also supports Angular, React, Vue, and JS.
Zoom users with addresses matching certain domains cannot participate in meetings or webinars without authentication profiles.
Zoom can be accessed by clicking the Zoom option on your course navigation bar. All courses will include Zoom by default. Your first time using Zoom in Canvas may require you to authorize Zoom Pro LTI.
My course navigation does not include Zoom. What should I do?
  1. A Canvas course can be added to with Zoom by simply opening it.
  2. You can access the Settings menu from the Course Navigation menu.
  3. On the Settings page, click the Navigation tab.
  4. In the course navigation menu, find and select Zoom.


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