Zoom Contact Center voice call controls

In Zoom Contact Center, you can place or transfer calls after making or receiving voice calls.

This article covers:

  • How to access Zoom Contact Center voice call controls
  • Mute / Unmute
  • Keypad
  • Hold / Unhold
  • Record / Stop Recording
  • Transfer
  • Hang up / end icon

Prerequisites for using voice call controls

  • It requires Zoom desktop client version 5.9.3 or above for Windows or macOS
  • A Pro account, a Business account, or an Education account
  • License for Zoom Contact Center is required

How to access Zoom Contact Center voice call controls

  1. Open the Zoom desktop client on your computer and sign in.
  2. Voice calls can be made or received.
    You will be able to control the voice call when the call connects.

Mute / Unmute

Your microphone can be muted or unmuted.


During the call, display a dial pad for entering numbers.

Hold / Unhold

Calls can be placed on hold or resumed. Waiting on hold will be accompanied by music.


Zoom’s web portal allows administrators to customize hold music.


Contact an external number, another queue, or another agent.

  • The Transfer button allows you to move a queue or agent within the same account. You can select a queue or agent under Transfer to by entering a name or number.
  • Transferring to an external number is as simple as clicking Transfer. Enter the external phone number you would like to be transferred to (country code, area code, and phone number) by clicking on Transfer to.

There will be a prompt asking you to choose a method of transfer:

  • Direct Transfer: Upon receiving the call, the call is transferred to a queue or an agent, and then the call is immediately hung up. There might be phone menu prompts that will have to be completed by the other party if there are any.
  • Warm Transfer: As soon as you have completed the transfer, the call will be placed on hold. In order for a call to be transferred, this option can be used if you are in a queue and the caller would like to speak with an agent before he or she transfers you to the receiving agent.

Record / Stop Recording

The recording of the voice call can be started or stopped at any time. During the call, you may hear an audio prompt that informs both parties that the call is going to be recorded (the admin has the option of disabling the audio prompt). Users of Zoom’s desktop client as well as Zoom’s web portal who have access to the Zoom desktop client can view, download, or delete recordings of their calls.

Several scenarios can affect the recording of a call, including:

  • If your admin has enabled automatic voice recording for a particular call, the Record / Stop Recording button will be inaccessible, which means that you won’t be able to start or stop automatic voice recording for a particular call.
  • It is important to note that if you choose to transfer the call, the recording will end when you select a transfer option. This applies to both external and internal contacts when transferring information. It is possible to start the recording again if you select Warm Transfer in order to record the portion before you complete the transfer before you start the recording again.

Hang up / end icon

The call should be hung up (ended). During the wrap-up period, you can add the number to your address book and add notes for the call if it was set by your admin.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Zoom call center?

The advantages of hosted VoIP are that they are less expensive than legacy phone systems, and they allow employees to work across one platform regardless of their location as they are hosted over the internet. Therefore, agents are able to access customer data in a timely manner and are able to resolve customer queries easily as a result.

How do I set my Zoom voice call?

Make a call

  1. Launch the Zoom app and sign in to your account.

  2. The phone will be tapped.

  3. There is an icon that looks like a number pad. Tap it.

  4. The following methods can be used to call a number:

  5. To change the outbound caller ID number for an outbound call in addition to your direct number, click on the Caller ID drop-down menu.

  6. To make a call, you need to tap on the phone icon.

  7. Make use of the controls that are available in the call.

Does Zoom have a contact center?

As a fully integrated omnichannel contact center, Zoom Contact Center is able to support video calls and is integrated directly into the Zoom workflow. It combines unified communications capabilities with the capabilities of a contact center in Zoom Contact Center.

How do you mute and unmute on Zoom dial?

When on a Zoom call, you need to unmute yourself just by joining a meeting that has been given or by joining an existing meeting. By touching the screen of the phone you will be able to overlay the options that will help you mute/unmute yourself. Press on the mute option in the overlay options once the overlay options are available, and the call will be muted.

Can you answer a phone call while on Zoom?

Do you have the option to answer a Zoom phone call while you are in a Zoom meeting?

The answer is yes, when you are in a Zoom meeting, you will have the option of either holding the meeting and answering the call or ending the meeting and answering the call, or ignoring the call, which will send the caller to voicemail.

What is the difference between Zoom and RingCentral?

In contrast to RingCentral, Zoom is primarily a video-first communications platform, while RingCentral is primarily a voice-driven platform. This is one of the fundamental differences between Zoom and RingCentral. Zoom’s focus on video allows it to position itself as a platform for the future of business communications based on its focus on video.

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