Zoom launcher plug-in

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If you use Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari to join or host a meeting, a dialog box will appear to launch the Zoom application.

To store the selection by selecting] [from the start the application you can click on.

Plug-in Zoom launcher

The Zoom launcher plug-in works with any browser. As with other applications, download a one-time plug-in called Zoom Launcher. With the plug-in, you wo n’t have to download it the next time you start Zoom.

Problems with Zoom Launcher Plugin

Even if the plug-in is activated, deactivated, or not installed correctly or installed correctly, execution may fail.

Check if the Zoom launcher plug-in is enabled (re-enable if disabled)

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

  1.  Please refer to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5954 .
  2. Make sure that the “Zoom launcher” plug-in is always allowed

Google Chrome:

It is obsolete and can not currently be used.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Internet Explorer does not have the Zoom plug-in.
  2. zoom_launcher.exe is automatically executed.

Here is a procedure to fix this if you keep downloading each time, even if it is enabled:

  •  Go to the task manager and delete all firefox / chrome (shadow) instances, if any
  •   Restart firefox / chrome and then remove the zoom launcher plugin.
  • If you click to hold a meeting from the browser ( zoom.us ), the plugin will be reloaded .

For more information, Zoom Launcher Plugin Please refer to.

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