How to customize the recording consent disclaimer in Zoom App

A recording consent disclaimer is a clause in the disclaimer that asks participants in a meeting or webinar to consent to their participation being recorded. Whenever a recording is started or when a recording has already begun, the participants receive a notification that the recording is about to begin. The participant has the option of staying in the session or leaving if they do not wish to remain in it. An attendance list can be generated by the host at the end of the session that includes the attendees who have given their consent.

Depending on the account type, some settings relating to recording notification can be changed. Find out how you can modify the recording notifications settings by visiting the following link.

Apart from recording disclaimers of consent for their users, admins can also set up custom disclaimers that are displayed to them whenever a user starts, joins, or signs in to a meeting or webinar. Take a look at how you can create custom disclaimers for your sign-in process, meetings, and webinars.

The following topics are covered in this article:

  • How to customize the recording consent disclaimer
  • How to view reports on attendee consent

Prerequisites for customizing the recording consent disclaimer

  • Accounts with 100 or more licenses, including Business, Education, API, and Enterprise accounts
  • The owner or administrator of the account should have the following privileges:

How to customize the recording consent disclaimer

A recording disclaimer can be customized at the account and group level by the account owner and administrator. A user cannot customize the recording disclaimer at the account or group level, it only has the ability to enable or disable the recording disclaimer, unless it has been locked by an administrator at either level.

Note: It is possible to disable the recording consent disclaimer for internal users in Enterprise, API, Education, or Business accounts with 100 or more licenses if you have an Enterprise, API, Education, or Business account. Here’s how you can modify the settings for recording notifications to suit your needs.

  1. If you are the owner or admin of an account with the privilege of editing account or group settings, sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. You will find the Account Settings page or the Group Management page on the Account Settings page.
  3. You will find the Recording tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. In the Recording notices – Zoom clients section, you will find a link that says Scroll down.
  5. Choosing Customize Disclaimer is the next option in the drop-down menu underneath the option Show a disclaimer to participants when a recording begins.
  6. Choose the language you would like to use for the disclaimer in the top-right corner of the screen.
  7. If you wish, you can add more body text and add a link to your article.
    You will see a preview of your customized text below the default text as soon as you enter it.
  8. Save the changes by clicking on the Save button.

In addition, administrators have the option of enabling and customizing a disclaimer that is displayed to hosts when a recording begins. The above steps need to be repeated for the Ask the host to confirm before starting the recording option.

How to view reports on attendee consent

  1. Accessing Zoom’s web portal requires you to sign in first.
  2. Click on Account Management from the navigation menu and then click on Reports from the report list.
  3. Depending on what report you are looking for, you can choose from Usage or Active Hosts. You will be able to access this information according to your account access level.
  4. In the Participants column, you will be able to see a summary of the number of attendees for each meeting as soon as you input the criteria to generate a meeting list.
    There will be a Recording Consent column at the bottom of the pop-up window which indicates whether or not the participant has accepted the disclaimer or not.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can change your account settings by clicking Account Management in the navigation panel. Go to the Meetings tab. When starting or joining a meeting, ensure Show a custom disclaimer is enabled in In Meeting (Advanced). Click the toggle to enable the setting if it is disabled.
How to change recording notifications for your own use
  1. Navigate to the Settings section.
  2. On the Recording tab, click the Recording button.
  3. To view the recording notifications for Zoom clients, scroll down.
  4. You can either show a disclaimer to all participants or to only guests when a recording begins.



Zoom meetings can be recorded by participants/attendees, of course. Meetings can even be recorded without permission.
  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.
  2. Click Recordings from the navigation menu.
  3. On the Cloud Recordings tab, click the Cloud Recordings button.
  4. Select the desired recording by clicking its name.
  5. Simply click the Share button.
  6. Click the Only authenticated users can view toggle under Share this cloud recording in the Share this cloud recording pop-up window.



The text can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the block of text and then clicking within the block of text. Once your changes have been made, click Save. You can now edit the next block of text in your transcript/closed caption file.
There is a message that appears if a recording begins after you have already entered the meeting: “You are consenting to being recorded by being in the meeting. Do you want to continue?” In either case, you can choose to tap Continue if you wish to consent to being recorded.
  1. From your Android device, tap More while you are hosting a Zoom meeting.
  2. Press the Record button. On your screen, Recording will now appear.
  3. Tap More again if you want to pause or stop the recording.
  4. You can stop or pause by pressing one of the buttons.



With Mobizen, you can easily record your Zoom screen in HD 1080p with simple steps on the Android platform. It is also possible to record Zoom meetings without permission on your Android phone if it comes with a built-in screen recorder.
On Android, how to record Zoom meetings without permission
  1. The first step is to install the Mobizen screen recorder app on your Android device.
  2. You can skip the one-month trial after the app has been installed.
  3. You can record by tapping the circle.
  4. All dialogs should be allowed, so make some adjustments and start.

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