How to use Siri With Zoom


There are certain actions that you can perform with the Zoom iOS app using Siri. The Zoom app allows you to set up Siri shortcuts so that you can attend the next meeting, view the meetings scheduled today, or start your personal conference call from within it. Additionally, at any time you can start a Zoom Meeting with a contact without having to make use of a Siri shortcut.


  • Version 4.4.0 or higher of the iOS mobile app (52577.0415)
  • Enable Ask Siri from the settings menu

How to add Zoom shortcuts to Siri

  • Tap the Settings button on your iOS device to open the Zoom app.
  • Select Zoom under Siri Shortcuts.

  • You can add this shortcut to Siri by tapping Add to Siri.

  • Tap the red record button to record the sound for the shortcut.

  • Tap Done when you’re done recording.

Performing a Zoom action with Siri

  • To begin a Zoom meeting with a certain person, ask Siri to call that person with Zoom by saying “Hey Siri, let’s talk on Zoom”.
  • Using the shortcut that you set up when you set up the other shortcuts, all you have to do is say “Hey Siri” followed by the words you selected.
  • It is important to note that the home button is also pressable on both iPhone 8 as well as older versions, and the power button on iPhone 10. How do you send Siri instructions?

Note: Siri does not require you to set up a shortcut to make a call to a Zoom contact

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Start A Zoom Meeting With Siri

Frequently Asked Question


With Siri, you can perform a Zoom Action by pressing the Zoom button
  1. To activate Siri, simply hold the power button down and speak the phrase “Hey Siri” while pressing and holding the power button. In order to use Hey Siri on your iOS device, you will need to select it in the iOS settings.
  2. Say the following to Siri: Join the next meeting. The meeting schedule for today can be viewed here. The meeting will begin as soon as I finish this message.
Shortcuts that can be used
  1. Using the Alt key, you can toggle the option in the General settings to show the meeting controls always.
  2. With Alt+V, you can start or stop the video.
  3. I can mute/unmute my audio by pressing Alt+A on my keyboard.
  4. By using the key combination Alt+M, you can mute/unmute the audio for everyone except the host (which is available only to the host).
  5. Screen sharing can be started or stopped by pressing Alt+S on your keyboard.
  6. Screen sharing can be paused and resumed by using the Alt+T key combination.
End Meeting

With Zoom, you can end meetings quickly and easily by using a keyboard shortcut. To end a meeting on macOS or Windows, press Command + W or Alt + Q

With the combination of the command + W keyboard keys, the meeting will be prompt for you to end it or to leave it.
You can leave the meeting by pressing the Command + W key.
To change the magnification level
  1. It is possible to increase the magnification of your mouse by holding down the Windows key while pressing + (plus) or – (minus) on your keyboard.
  2. It is possible to save your settings between each use of the Magnifier.
Zoom using the click-wheel on your mouse

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Using the Windows desktop or opening the website you are interested in, click anywhere on the desktop of your computer. On your keyboard, hold down the CTRL key and press it again. Roll the scroll wheel on the mouse to shrink or enlarge the objects on the screen.

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