Join Zoom meeting using pairing






The pairing feature allows you to join an H.323 / SIP device to a Zoom meeting without entering a meeting ID from the device.

Contents of this article:

  • Zoom Pairing from Desktop Client
  • Pairing from the Zoom website (without starting a meeting)


  • Cloudroom Connector (CRC) is enabled for your account
  • Pro license or higher license
  • Meeting host authority


Pairing from Zoom Desktop Client

1. IP address from the H.323 or SIP device (meeting invitation or Cloud Room Connector age to
dial the offers), to access the splash screen.

  1. Join or start a meeting from your PC or Mac client.
  2. Press the Host Control Invite button.
  3. Select the Room System Invitation tab.
  4. Enter the pairing code that is displayed on the H.323 / SIP device splash screen.
  5. Click Invite.

Pairing from the Zoom website (without starting a meeting)

  1.    Dial the IP address (from the meeting invitation or Cloud Room Connector page) from the 323 or SIP device to
    access the splash screen.
  2. Log in to the meeting on the web  .
  3. Select [Join meeting from H.323 / SIP room system].
  4. Enter the meeting ID and the pairing code.

Click Connect .



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