Placing participants in Zoom waiting room

The host of the meeting can place that participant into the waiting room if they need to temporarily stop the video and audio transmission from that participant to others in the meeting even if the waiting room is not available for this meeting. There will be a temporary pause in the meeting, which will allow the remaining participants to continue without seeing and hearing any of the participants who are still on hold

Interviewers can use this feature to deliberate on candidates, dissertation committees can use this feature to deliberate on doctoral candidates, or meditation sessions can make use of this application.


  • Permission to host the meeting is required

How to place a participant in the waiting room in a meeting

When this setting is turned on, you will be able to hold an attendee during a meeting.

  1. As the host, you should start a meeting.
  2. In the host control panel, click on Participants.
  3. You can put the attendee you wish to hold on hold by hovering your mouse over the name. When the name appears, click More and then Waiting Room.
    Upon bringing up the Participants list, the Attendee will now be displayed as a Waiting Room participant. On the screen, they will see a message that informs them that the meeting host will let them in in a few moments.
  4.   The participant in the Waiting Room will be brought back into the meeting if you click on the Admit button to the right of their name.
  5.  (Optional) If more than one participant is in the Waiting Room, click the Admin All button to bring all of them back into the room at once.

How to place a panelist on hold in a webinar

However, even though webinars do not come with a waiting room, you can still put a panelist on hold, which is equivalent to putting them in a waiting room.

  1. Start a webinar as the host of the webinar.
  2. Then select Participants from the host controls menu.
  3. Hold your mouse cursor over the name of the person you wish to place on hold. When you click More, you will have the option to Place on Hold.
    Participants will now be able to see in the list of participants that this attendee is waiting for them. A screen will let them know that they will be allowed to enter the meeting shortly by the meeting host.
  4.   To bring the participant back into the webinar, click Admit to the right of the participant who is on hold. 
  5. If more than one participant is on hold, click Admin All in order to make sure they are all brought back in at the same time.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Attendees should be sent to the Waiting Room during meetings

If you are hosting the meeting, click Participants. The name of the participant can be accessed by clicking More. In the Waiting Room menu, click Put.

Waiting room enabled: Yes. The ability to handle sequential one-on-one meetings and drop-ins. In the waiting room, students are added in the order they arrive.
Attendees can be admitted from a waiting room
  1. Zoom’s application allows you to manage participants.
  2. To admit everyone who’s waiting, click Admit All, or click Admit Individuals for each attendee.



From the Zoom Toolbar, select the Participants icon.A list of participants is displayed on your Participants window. You can admit two or more participants at once when there are two or more participants. Chat allows you to communicate with Everybody in the waiting room.
If you want to move any participant video on screen, click and drag it there. You can continue until you achieve the desired order on the screen.
Participants and meeting options can also be managed by co-hosts. You can display or hide the participant panel by clicking the Manage Participants button on the bottom Host toolbar. In Manage Participants, select the participant you wish to mute or unmute, then click Mute or Unmute.
Have you ever clicked into a meeting as a host, but you didn’t have access to host controls? In order to minimize the inconvenience that waiting rooms can cause, it is a good idea to ensure that hosts, designated alternate hosts, and participants are all logged in to Zoom before starting, joining, or clicking a link pointing to a scheduled meeting.
Version 5.2 of Zoom 2. lets you rearrange the videos of participants during a Zoom meeting in any order that you like.
There is no way to sort participants.
Zoom (mobile app): How to see everyone
  1. Open the Zoom app on your iOS or Android device (opens in a new tab).
  2. Join or start a meeting through the app.
  3. The Active Speaker View is displayed by default in the mobile app.
  4. You can view the Gallery View by swiping left from the Active Speaker View.
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Participants in Zoom Webinars can be hidden from each other, but not from panelists. Additionally, Zoom Meetings does not allow you to hide the participant list from other attendees. Find out how webinars and meetings differ.

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