Using the Zendesk notifications chatbot in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

With Zoom’s Zendesk bot, you’re able to receive Zoom Chat notifications and messages regarding updates and changes to your Zendesk account through a Zendesk chatbot.


  • An account with Zoom
  • An administrator’s account on Zendesk
  • Trello chatbot pre-approval in the Zoom Marketplace before it is published
    Note: It is important that you contact your Zoom administrator if the app has not been pre-approved.

How to install and configure the Zendesk integration

How to install from the Zoom Marketplace

  1. Once you have logged in to your Zoom account, you will be able to access the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. If you search under Zendesk Notifications by Zoom, you will be able to locate this app.
    Note: You will need to contact your Zoom administrator if the app is not pre-approved for your account, in order to get it approved.
  3. If you want to add the app, click on Add, confirm the permissions the app needs, and then click on Allow.
  4. There are a few steps that need to be completed by an admin on your Zendesk account once the plugin has been installed.

How to configure the integration from Zendesk

  1. You will be redirected to the Zendesk subscription page after you have installed the app from the Marketplace.
  2. In the following form, you will need to enter the Zendesk Server domain, Client ID, and Client Secret.
    Note: You can find your Client ID and Client Secret by clicking on How to get Client ID and Client Secret if you need help finding them.
  3. Save the configuration by clicking on the Save Configuration button.
  4. If you have a Zendesk account, click Authorize with my Zendesk account.
  5. Your Zendesk account will be redirected to your Zendesk account where you will have to confirm the permissions requested. Please click on the Allow button.
    Subscriptions can now be added to your account and you will be able to manage them. I suggest that you go to step 3 of the following section if you would like to add a subscription immediately.

How to configuring a Zendesk Subscription

  1. To configure your Zendesk subscription, navigate to the Subscriptions page.
  2. You can add a subscription by clicking the Add a subscription button.
  3. Enter the name, channel, and description of the channel that you would like to use in the Basic Configurations section.
    Note:The contact of your Jira project must be selected if you wish to receive direct messages regarding updates to your Jira project.
  4. Select the support groups you wish to give the ability to post notifications to the channels in your Groups that you have selected.
    Note: To the best of our knowledge, Zoom supports event notifications for tickets created, as well as updates on tickets that are open, new, pending, and solved.
  5. Save the configuration by clicking on the Save Configuration button.
  6. You will now be able to access your subscription.

How to use the Zendesk chatbot

As soon as your Zendesk subscription is triggered, you will begin to receive chat notifications in your inbox. The Zoom Channels that have been selected for the subscription will be mapped to the channels that have been selected. The following information will be provided to you as soon as you receive a new notification:

  • The type of action that has been taken
  • The requester
  • Identify the assignee
  • A status report
  • Identify the priority
  • Detailed description

There is also the option to engage in a 1:1 chat with the chatbot if you like. Sending help is as easy as typing a few letters and you will be presented with a list of possible commands.

Removing the Zendesk Chatbot

  1. Once you have logged into your Zoom account, you will be able to access the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Click the Zendesk app once you have searched for it and selected it.
  3. Next to Zendesk, click the Remove button.
  4. Once you have confirmed the dialogue, click on the Remove button.

Data Security

  • As part of this app, you will be able to access the following Zoom information:
    • An account in Zoom allows for users to view all groups that they are subscribed to through their Zoom account.
    • A Zoom user’s existing meetings can be viewed under their Zoom account by clicking on the meeting details tab.
    • Under the Zoom account, you can view the information about a Zoom user.
  • There are several pieces of information that this app can access from Zendesk, including the following:
    • Tickets, customers, and agents are all part of your account.
      • For us, the information about agents and customers is read-only.
      • Our only use of the write permission is to close tickets that have been opened.
  • There are the following permissions that this chat application has on Zoom:
    • It is possible to send a chat message through this chat app to an IM channel under the Zoom account or to a Zoom user within the account.
    • In the event that this chat app is used by a Zoom user under a Zoom account, it will be able to create Zoom meetings for them on its behalf.
  • Zoom/Zendesk and this chat app communicate using an encrypted channel that encrypts all communications:
    • Protocol: TLS 1.2
    • Cipher suite: ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
    • Key length: 128 bits
    • Perfect Forward secrecy: YES
  • There is a local data store that stores the credentials that are needed to access this chat app:
    • A password-protected database secures both Zendesk API tokens and Zoom OAuth credentials (both of which are only accessible to administrators).